MultiPLAY HD Auto



Fully Automated MultiPLAY™ Table


MultiPLAY™ HD Auto is the latest product to join the award winning MultiPLAY™ family of products. 

MultiPLAY™ HD Auto merges a traditional Roulette table and automated Roulette wheel with a full sized electronic multi-player betting surface to deliver the ultimate in fully automated Roulette game play.

All chip handling, calculation of winnings and payouts are fully automated by the system. This delivers total game security, reduces costs and substantially increases the number of games played per hour - with no need for a dealer.




HD Auto Key Features

Fully automated and cashless game play
24 hour operation with no Dealer required
TITO, with individual bill acceptors and ticket printers per player position
Electronic chip handling offers increased security, reduced costs and greater profits
Players enjoy Roulette in an authentic way but with all the benefits of electronic betting
High Definition LCD with life-like graphics
Up to 7 players on the same MultiTouch screen placing bets with a touch of a fingertip
No chip sorters, wheel checks or consumables
Saturn™ Auto Wheel delivers fully automatic or live spin function - choose to use with or without a dealer
A perfect solution to feed electronic game terminals


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Traditional Gaming with Electronic Benefits


MultiPLAY™ is designed to feel like a full sized traditional Roulette table with a live wheel.  Unlike a traditional gaming table which needs staffing and uses cloth layouts and gaming chips, MultiPLAY™ HD Auto uses an electronic multi-player betting surface to deliver fully automated game play.  It still allows players to enjoy the game of Roulette in a authentic way but adds all the additional benefits of electronic betting, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.




Increased Turnover


The system appeals to all levels of player but will also deliver casino operators increased profitability.  Due to automated bet and payout transactions MultiPLAY™ increases turn over by reducing ‘wasted time’ between games.




Fully Automated


MultiPLAY™ HD Auto is a 7 player fully automatic and cashless version of MultiPLAY™ delivering an even greater return on investment. By using the TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheel combined with bill acceptors and ticket printers at each player position, the result is a powerful 24 hour-a-day live Roulette platform that requires no Dealer or inspection.


Total Game Security


MultiPLAY™ delivers total game security. All chip movement, player and dealer decisions, game rule procedures and payouts  are controlled by the system. By taking control of game resolution the system eliminates all dealer errors and allows gaming staff to focus more on the customer experience rather than game supervision.




Touch Screen Player Positions


Each player postion displays a personalized touch menu. The menu accesses game features such as favourite bets, repeat bets, neighbour bets and future revenue generating features such as side bets and progressives. It also gives players the ability to highlight across the layout each and every bet placed per game.


Touch ID Technology


What makes MultiPLAY™ so unique and authentic for players is its Touch ID technology which has patents pending worldwide. Unlike any other touch screen betting interface, this award winning user interface can identify each individual player and their betting activity.



New Standard In Graphics  


Boasting a highly cost effective HD touch screen interface, MultiPLAY™ HD Auto will suit any gaming venue from an electronic arcade to an exclusive high-end casino. The most noticeable feature of the gaming surface is its life-like characteristics.  Not only is it the same size as a traditional Roulette layout it is also photo-realistic due to its 1920x1080 pixel HD resolution.




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