For further distinction the turret can incorporate a wide variety of design options from a threedimensional reproduction of casino logos to an elegant bespoke bronze statuette.

Custom Roulette Wheels

TCSJOHNHUXLEY have manufactured Roulette Wheels for over 3 decades and are recognised across the world as the pioneers of the most random and secure wheels available today.

The patented Starburst® design, which has undergone stringent testing, is statistically proven to be more random than any previous low-profile wheel.

All wheels are available in an extensive range of colours and veneers, and can be customised with illustrations and logos to fit any theme.

Customised Wheels

TCSJOHNHUXLEY Customised Wheels offer an excellent opportunity to add a further element of style to every casino. Have your wheel customised to incorporate your own design, logo, or theme enhancing the style and unique brand of your venue.