Unique Features & Payouts

Lunar Poker™ empowers players with multiple game options and offers unprecedented payouts:

Instant Cash Payout
Instant payout on 1st 5 cards regardless of whether the dealer subsequently qualifies with Ace-King or higher or not.

Royal Flush        600 - 1 up to 1500 - 1
Straight Flush     200 - 1 up to 500 - 1

Optional SUPER Bet
Place optional side bet prior to start of round, with 8 winning combinations for the 1st 5 cards regardless of whether the dealer subsequently qualifies with Ace-King or higher or not.

Four of a Kind    250 to 1
Same Colored Straight    150 to 1
Full House    100 to 1
Flush    60 to 1
Straight    30 to 1
Three of a Kind    8 to 1
Ace - King - Queen    6 to 1
5 Same Colored Cards    2 to 1

Option to Draw
Exchange 2-5 cards or buy a 6th card for the price of 1x Ante to improve initial hand.

Option to Force Dealer to Try to Qualify
If dealer doesn’t initially qualify with Ace-King or higher, pay 1x Ante and dealer will replace their highest value card with next card. (Once per round only)

Double Combination Feature
Get paid on 2 standard Poker combinations in 1 hand.  If you have a 2nd standard pay table hand in your 5 or 6 card hand, you also get paid on the 2nd hand even if it doesn’t beat the dealer.  2nd hand must use 1 card not in your winning hand.


Lunar Poker

Lunar Poker is 5 Card Draw Poker against the House. It is unique on today’s gaming floor empowering players with multiple options and offering unprecedented payouts.

Imagine a table game developed specifically for the sensibilities of a poker player, emphasizing skill and decision-making while providing fast-paced action.  Imagine a game which appeals to the novice as well as the skilled player, creating challenge and excitement at all skill levels.  Now, imagine a game which has been proven to hold 28 - 32% of cash drop. 

That’s the winning combination that casino operators are looking to add to their table game mix.  Indeed, casino managers and card players alike have been clamoring for a new poker variant which can increase excitement and provide new ways to entertain and engage.  Lunar Poker™ has arrived to meet the challenge.


  • A game for all Poker Players
  • Increases game revenues
  • Fun & Easy 5-card Draw Poker against the house
  • House Advantage under 0.7%
  • Instant Cash Payout from 600 -1 up to 1500 -1 for Royal Flush and from 200 -1 up to 500 -1 for Straight Flush
  • Double Combination Payouts in one Poker Hand
  • Multiple Player Options including 'SUPER SIDE BET', 'DRAW' and 'FORCE DEALER to TRY to QUALIFY'
  • New players can learn the rules in a matter of moments, and the layout is designed to quickly educate players on each of the game’s options
  • A choice of standard or progressive versions


Lunar Poker™ is the only true game of 5 Card Draw Poker available today which is played against the dealer.  The game is highly interactive and exciting, has a fast pace and a strong social aspect while offering players much of the same decision-making control as traditional poker games.

Lunar Poker™ is in a class of its own, and is currently going live in casinos worldwide. 

A game for all Poker players

Lunar Poker™ will attract poker players, making each converted customer a far more profitable proposition for the casino; the game holds over 35% of drop with new players and the hold will settle at around 28 - 32% once players become skilled.

Increased gaming revenues

Lunar Poker™ is the ideal game to increase table profitability.

The game pace of Lunar Poker™ moves very quickly and smoothly at 30-40 rounds per hour, depending on the skill of the dealer and experience of the players.

The volume of betting is high due to the options taken by the players during each round, and each option attracts a fee which is locked away immediately as house revenue.

A choice of standard or progressive versions

Casino operators have the option to place an additional progressive jackpot system on Lunar Poker™ tables which can, in many cases, be linked to other poker variants on the floor for greatly enhanced prize pools.

The TCSJOHNHUXLEY ‘Supernova’ Table Bonus System is a powerful progressive and game bonus system that drives increased revenues by adding higher levels of player excitement and loyalty to all table games such as Lunar Poker™.  It delivers floor wide progressive and game bonusing  that drives increased revenues by adding higher levels of player excitement and loyalty.

Casinos will instantly benefit from unique animated bet sensors and multiple level progressive pools, including event based and mystery prizes that increase player appeal and participation.