Lucky Joker





Lucky Joker


Lucky Joker is a brand new game that’s both easy to play and deal! Similar to Sicbo, the objective of Lucky Joker is to bet on a certain result being satisfied by the random number generator (RNG). In the case of Lucky Joker, the RNG takes the form of an electronic device that randomly lights up one of six, drawn, Playing Cards instead of three dice, as in Sicbo. Players may choose to wager on various betting options such as a specific card, an even/odd card, a red/black card, a Joker etc. Payouts range from 1:1 to 25:1, according to the bet placed.


An Eye-Catching Game of Chance


Our brand new, patent-pending, RNG technology draws in players to the Lucky Joker table.  After six cards are dealt face down on a tray, an LED light-bar illuminates randomly at the back of each individual card. With the simple click of a Dealer button - or an optional player-managed button - the light will stop on one card, which is then revealed as the winner.  Players are captivated by the thrill of this simple new game!




Lucky Joker Key Features

Simple dealing procedures – easy for Dealers to pick up!
Optional player button for RNG control – increased player participation!
Very easy for players to learn – similar to Sicbo!l
Increased House Advantages when compared to Sicbo
Fun and exciting!





Game Layout Options


Lucky Joker can be played on a blackjack shaped table (depicted above) or a rectangular table, similar to Sicbo (depicted on the right).



Game Play


Lucky Joker is very simple to play and to deal. The game can be played on a Blackjack-shaped table or a rectangular-style table, similar to Sicbo.


1 - The player places his bets on the layout in his/her selected betting areas.

2 - From a manual dealing shoe or a continuous shuffle machine containing a minimum of 6-decks, a Dealer places 6-cards, face down, on the random selection tray.

3 - The Dealer will click a button and an electronic random number generator (RNG) will light up an LED bar located to the top of one of the 6 cards. This indicates the winning card. 

4 - The Dealer will turn over the selected card, revealing the winner to the players.

5 - The Dealer will take all losing bets and then begin paying out all winning bets according to the pay table. 



Possible Bets Probability Payoff Odds
Joker 2/54 25:1
Red 26/54 1:1
Black 26/54 1:1
Even 20/54 2:1
Odd 20/54 2:1
Small 20/54 2:1
Big 20/54 2:1
Any Jack 4/54 12:1
Any Queen 4/54 12:1
Any King  4/54 12:1
Any Ace 4/54 12:1
All Other 'Any Numbers' 4/54 12:1 
Hearts 13/54 3:1
Clubs 13/54 3:1
Diamonds 13/54 3:1
Spades 13/54 3:1



How does the game speed compare to the similar game of Sicbo? The game speed is slightly faster than traditional Sicbo.
Will Game Hold % improve with Lucky Joker?

Yes. Because of the increased game speed, Lucky Joker will hold slightly higher than traditional similar games. The overall house edge is also slightly higher. ause of the increase in game speed, Rolette18 will hold slightly higher than traditional Roulette.

Is the game easy to play? Yes. Players pick up the game quickly, which makes it an attractive game to both seasoned and new players alike.
Is the game easy to deal? Yes. In trials with trained casino Dealers, the game was picked up very quickly.
What is the house advantage of Lucky Joker? The overall House Advantage is 3.7%.

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