Exciting, space saving alternative to traditional Roulette! 


Played using a 20-sided dice instead of a wheel, Roulette18 is a fast and new table game that uses a unique table layout that does not require a roulette-sized table. 


The objective of this space-saving game is simple. Players place their bets on the Roulette18 layout – which is similar to a Roulette layout, but smaller – and a red & black numbered dice (numbered from 1-18, plus a green ‘0’ and a ‘00’) is rolled in a shaker before being exposed. According to the bets placed and the number rolled, the Dealer then pays winning bets. 


Like traditional Roulette, players can place straight-up, split, street, corner or line bets. They may also choose to bet on numbers of one colour, numbers that are odd or even and numbers ‘1-9’ or ‘10-18’. In this game, the double zero is ignored. 





Dragon Roulette Key Features

Played on a much smaller table than traditional Roulette
easy to learn for both the players and Dealers
Same House Advantage as a Double-Zero Roulette Wheel
More cost effective than traditional Roulette
Increased game speed - faster than traditional Roulette
Offers a simple, yet exciting bet feature for further increased revenue


Game Play


 The rules of Roulette18 are simple for both the player and the Dealer: 

1. Players place their bets on the Roulette18 layout – just as they would in ordinary Roulette. 

2. The Roulette-die is rolled in a shaker and then exposed. If the roll is a double-zero (00) all bets remain in action and the die is rolled again until a non-00 winning number is determined. 

3. The Dealer collects all losing bets and pays winning bets according to the pay table (pg 2). 

Players win Roulette18, exactly as they would traditional Roulette. 


Bet Type

#'s Covered


House Edge

Straight Up 1  17-to-1 5.26%
Split  2  8-to1 5.26% 
Street 3  5-to-1 5.26% 
Corner 4  7-to-1 5.26%  
Line   2-to-1 5.26% 
1-9/10-18  9  Even (lose ½ on 0) 2.63%
Odd/Even 9  Even (lose ½ on 0)
Red/Black 9  Even (lose ½ on 0)  2.63%





Double-Hit Roulette18 


For added excitement, casino operators may choose to include the Double-Hit betting section on their Roulette18 layout. The Double-Hit straight-up bet is a proposition bet based on two consecutive rolls of the dice. 


The player places a bet on a single number in the Double- Hit section of the layout. If the player hits his number on the first roll, he’s paid 12-to-1 and the bet remains in play for a second roll. If the player then hits his number on the second roll, he’s paid 120-to-1 and the original bet is returned. 


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