i-depsys: The Intelligent Drop Box


The Intelligent Drop Box can be integrated into any gaming table. It is discrete, functional, robust, compact, and it sits conveniently where it is speedily operated by the Croupier. Its displays are smart and clearly visible to both the customer and the Croupier. The first major delay in handling cash is the time it takes to convert a player’s stack of banknotes to chips.


The process involves the Dealer sorting the notes, determining if they are legal tender or forgeries, counting them, in some circumstances waiting for the Pit Boss to authorise them, and storing them. Using the Intelligent Drop Box this process is drastically streamlined. Firstly, it can be programmed to accept any major currency and the denominations can be mixed.


The notes, up to 200 at a time, are simply placed in the Intelligent Drop Box where they are counted. At this point the notes are held in a secure escrow area, where they remain in full view until the transaction is approved by Dealer and customer.

i-Depsys Intelligent Drop Box


 i-Depsys Diagram


i-depsys Key Features

Integrated into any gaming table
Faster than manual counting
Fast Cash to Chip conversion
All major currencies
Forgery detection, fully optical
Mixed denomination count
Elimination of opportunities to steal
CCTV integration for transactions
Real-time cash reporting
Easy integration to account/banking system


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Fraud Prevention


Whilst counting, i-depsys checks the notes are not forgeries using the latest optical recognition technology, similar to that found in bill validators – they also use 3D size detection and are scanned with multi channels of ultra violet and infra-red.


If counterfeit notes are detected, the notes are retrieved from the Note Inspection Tray leaving all genuine notes in the escrow tray ready for deposit.


The final note count is is clearly indicated on the Intelligent Drop Box’s electronic display panels. There are two – one for the Croupier and one clearly visible to the customer. Once a valid transaction is accepted, the notes can be plunged from escrow to the Intelligent Drop Box‘s secure note stacking chamber without ever being touched again by the Croupier. No mistakes, no temptation and Croupiers appreciate that the responsibility for handling cash passes from their hands much more quickly.


Real Time Monitoring


As well as the practical benefits, the whole i-depsys process is fully intelligent. It is integrated with the casino’s back-office accounting system via Cashview, which continually monitors the estate giving a true and accurate financial picture in real time.


The count room’s job of receiving and reconciling cash becomes much easier too as the Cashview software generates a printout of the total contents of the drop boxes that arrive in the cashier’s room.


At the end of the trading day, a simple chip tally and reconciliation with the Cashview back office recorded receipts will give a true and accurate position for the estate – a process that has become far simpler as a result of i-depsys.


Increased Productivity


The Intelligent Drop Box will typically count a stack of mixed notes, deposit them and be ready to accept again in just 15 seconds. On busy tables with large note volume buy-ins, i-depsys can dramatically improve game speed. In some environments, increasing productivity by 50%.


Added Security


Firstly, the Dealer handles the notes only once, when placing them in the unit. The money is stored in a secure drop safe and, like traditional drop boxes, it can only be removed from the table with a key. Once removed the casino have the confidence of knowing exactly how much money is in the drop box. This enables the opportunity to create staff efficiencies by reducing the number of staff required to collect drop safes as the exact drop is already recorded on back office software-Cashview. All this adds up to less opportunities for theft within the casino.



i-depsys Functional Overview

Note Validation Detection of all circulated bank notes
Events Log 8000 events logged to internal memory
Count Data Real-time count data, remotely viewable as tendered
Kory Safe Integrates with existing casino operations
Connectivity USB, Ethernet, RS232
Security 3 level security access
Upgradable Fully updatable through network or local connection

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