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TCSJOHNHUXLEY have manufactured Roulette wheels for over 3 decades and are recognised across the world as the pioneers of the most random and secure wheels available today. 


The patented Starburst® design, which has undergone stringent testing, is statistically proven to be more random than any previous low-profile wheel. All wheels are available in an extensive range of colours and veneers, and can be customised with illustrations and logos to fit any theme.


TCSJOHNHUXLEY custom wheels offer an excellent opportunity to add a further element of style to every casino. Have your wheel customised to incorporate your own design, logo or theme, enhancing the style and unique brand of your venue.


For further distinction, the turret can incorporate a wide variety of design options from a three dimensional reproduction of casino logos to an elegant bespoke bronze statuette.



Custom Wheel Options

Any colour finish with extremely hard-wearing polyester varnish. Extensive choice of veneers, coated with polyester varnish.
Choice of turret materials and designs, including custom 3D builds. Cone can match Wheel finish, or be hand-painted to suit your theme.
Choice of standard single or double zero, or Double Action single or double zero. Optional integrated Saturn™ Data Logger for 100% accurate winning number results and Drop Zone Detection.
Customisable ball stops. Standard or Velstone™ hard-wearing ball track.
Standard or Starburst separators in a choice of colours.


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Wheel Finish


Finest veneer or hand-painted to any theme and polished with seven coats of the hardest polyester varnish.


Bowl Lining


Aluminium casting machined and polished in situ for absolute concentricity and held in place by 12 stainless steel engineering bolts.


Cone and Carrier Plate Assembly


Made from richly veneered MDF mounted on an aluminium carrier plate enabling seamless interchangeability and fast, low-cost theming.




Bearing Assembly


Manufactured from corrosion free stainless steel. The rotor is supported by angular contact with 16 ball bearings and specially lubricated for a maintenance-free lifetime.


Main Bowl


Built from continuous rings of MDF board - highly resistant to temperature fluctuations.


Separator Rings


Traditional or scalloped. Precision machined from a single piece of solid aluminium.

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