Saturn™ Roulette Wheel


The integration of high quality craftsmanship with advanced innovation makes Saturn™ the most technically advanced wheel in gaming today. The Saturn 2™ wheel has three reading sensors discreetly embedded in the rim, allowing for fast and accurate winning number detection. 



Configure Your Bespoke Saturn™ Online!


Try the Saturn™ Wheel Configurator and design your perfect Roulette Wheel online. Browse through our range of veneers and finishes to experiment with colours and textures, and take a look at our various turret designs and separator rings; there are tons of options for you to choose from! When you are satisfied, submit your design to our Sales Administration team for a personalised quotation. Try It Now >>






Roulette Wheel Configurator













 Try Our Roulette Wheel Configurator! 


Saturn™ Key Features

Accurate winning number detection
Unique in-built ball track level sensors
Data capture of all wheel events including patented 'Drop Zone' bias
Three reading devices embedded in the rim to generate fast results
Integrates with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY displays and multiplayer products
Open Interface through the Table Interface Board to 3rd Party Solutions
Built in diagnostics and error indicators
Traditional or Starburst® separator
Velstone™ ball track
Extensive range of colour finishes and veneers


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Drop Zone Detection


All Saturn™ wheels feature unique ‘Drop Zone Detection’ reporting on non-random results and drop zone bias caused by inaccurate balancing, table movement or fraudulent wheel manipulation. New real time security enhancements include ball track inclinometer and abnormal event detection e.g. sudden change of ball or rotor speed. This alleviates the need for daily levelling of wheels by maintainance staff and allows dealers to check wheel integrity at the start of a shift.



Velstone™ Ball Track

The ball track of the Saturn™ Wheel incorporates a near indestructible material called Velstone™, which is designed to protect one of the most vulnerable wear and tear areas on the wheel.  Velstone™ is a solid surface material with an attractive stone finish that is available in a number of colours. It allows operational management the peace of mind in knowing that non-rotation of the wheel will not result in the ball track wearing unevenly.


Saturn™ Data Logger


Saturn™ Data Logger allows the data capture of winning number results and ball drop behaviour. With the capacity to store 6 years worth of events, Data Logger records precise information on: Winning numbers, Ball in rim / No More Bets, Direction & Speed of Wheel, Ball Drop Zone, Power On / Off, Winning Number Conflict Messages and Dealer Miss Spin. The data is easy to download with an interface that can then be used to generate a wide range of statistical reports.


Integrates with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY Products


The Saturn™ Wheel integrates with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY products and can comunicate through the Table Interface Board to third party solutions. Winning number data sent from the Saturn™ Wheel can be displayed instantaneously on a wide range of LED and plasma displays.


Saturn Wheel Specification

Diameter 828mm
Bowl with feet 195mm
Height with turret 334mm
Shipping Weight 75kg
Configuration Single Zero
Double Zero
Balltrack Solid Surface
Operating Voltage 7v
Frequency 50-60Hz
Comms RS 232
RJ 485



Traditional or Starburst® Separator


The Saturn Wheel™ is supplied with traditional or Starburst® separator ring. The patented Starburst® design is statistically proven to be more random than any other low-profile wheel. The Starburst® uses a triangular design of pocket with lowered height separators to increase randomness, especially at lower wheel speeds.





Built by Craftsmen



A Roulette Wheel is a precision instrument that requires a high level of understanding to ensure its best possible performance is achieved. TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Roulette Wheels have been developed to allow for maximum efficiency with the minimum number of moving parts.


From the turret down to the wheel bowl, every wheel is manufactured using advanced engineering and traditional craftsmanship, ensuring that the latest technologies integrate seamlessly with our traditional hand built wheels.


Available in Any Colour


All wheels are available in an extensive range of colours and veneers, and can be customised with illustrations and logos to fit any theme. Latest developments include a stainless steel rim inset, giving added depth to modern styled wheel schemes.


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