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Keeping Your Chipper, 'Chipper'

Inside Tips From Our Front Line


Chipping machines are one of the most effective gaming devices for improving productivity on the gaming floor.  Not only do they help to increase game speed, but they also reduce operating costs, eliminating the need for manual chip sorting. But a great product is only as great as it’s upkeep. Just as a car requires routine maintenance to keep it running efficiently, a chipper requires regular care to ensure optimal performance. Thankfully, with 11 offices globally, in addition to the largest live casino equipment service team in the UK, our product support network is always nearby and at the ready. With all of this knowledge close at hand, we teamed up with a few of our Service Technicians to share some insight on chipper maintenance and care. Here’s what our experts had to say:


Meet Our Chipper Experts


Peter Andrews

Service Engineer

Joe Forster

Service Engineer

Jamie McDonald

Service Engineer

Renato Butic

Service Engineer

Ossie Paraiso

Service Engineer


How often do you recommend having a chipper serviced?

All of our experts agree that a chipper should ideally be serviced on a monthly basis, particularly if you have heavy chip action on your tables. This will help to ensure maximum availability of your chipper. 


What’s your top tips for keeping a chipper in great condition?

“A really simple tip is to just keep the chipper free of dust or dirt with a vacuum as it will start to stick to important components of the chipper, causing it to jam," suggests Joe Forster. Ossie Paraiso explained further, "depending upon the casino environment, trained casino staff can remove the dust every 2 weeks or weekly." Preventative maintenance, such as changing worn parts before they fail, is also really important. As is, putting the chipper on standby mode when not in use.

A simple, but effective housekeeping job to prolong the life of a chipper is to look after the chips that are used in it. The chips can get very dirty due to the amount of times they change hands so regular cleaning of them can help to eradicate breakdown issues. Wiping the rack down daily to get rid of any dirt and frequently checking the chipper for rogue chips or objects also helps.

All these tips will make a difference, but as Renato Butic suggests, "the number one tip for keeping a chipper in top condition is to keep it clean and serviced by a trained professional."


What should a casino use or not use to clean their chipper & chips?

If a chipper is under a maintenance contract then it’s best to leave it alone and let the engineers see to it. "Using cleaner in the wrong place can cause problems, particularly with intricate moving parts," said Peter Andrews. If a casino wanted to use anything in the chipper, then Ossie Paraiso suggests, "any cleaning solution with anti-static formula for non-porous materials". The solution should pick up dust without leaving any residue. Isopropyl Alcohol cleaner for any moving parts and an antistatic foam cleanser for surfaces, are favourites with the experts; a damp cloth is also fine to wipe racks, doors and casing.        

To avoid severe malfunction of the chipping machine, "a casino should never use any type of oil on a chipper, such as WD40," stated Jamie McDonald. Additionally, soap based cloths or cleaners, should also be avoided at all costs. 

Of course, for optimum performance of a chipping machine, having it serviced by a trained engineer with access to the right tools a is of paramount important. If a casino doesn’t have a proper service contract in place, they should consider getting one.


The Dos & Don'ts of Chipper Maintenance Download 

What’s involved in a typical TCSJOHNHUXLEY chipper maintenance visit?

“The first step is to ask the casino if they’re having any problems with the chipper as this will help diagnose any issues," said Joe Forster. After cleaning the inside and addressing any specific issues, the engineer will then check to ensure that all the key parts move properly, including the solenoids, cams, ejectors, belt etc. As Peter Andrew put it, “If it’s meant to move, then I make it move as freely as possible.” 

If during the diagnostic checks any issues are found, suitable corrective action is taken, be that cleaning, replacement of parts or resetting to factory tolerances. The sorting rack is also checked to ensure all knives are in good condition and each individual tube is cleaned and inspected. Once everything is put everything back together, the alignment is checked and corrected accordingly and the chipper is fully tested.


What are some of the strangest items you’ve ever found inside a chipper?

Our Chipper Champ 2 is regarded as the most reliable chipping machine on the market, but every now and then, our service teams find some very strange items inside the machines that weren’t there when it left our factory.  “I once found a mouse inside a chipper, which made a quick exit when I opened the doors. It gave me a real shock!” said Jamie McDonald. 

Maybe not quite as shocking, but equally as strange, Joe Forster has also come across a few surprises, “Take your pick…tea cup, beer glass, pens, packet of cigarettes, live moths!” he said.

And the same goes for Renato Butic, “I often find dolly’s and various pens and pencils. On occasion I find various earrings and badges. A couple of times I’ve found spoons, forks or knives.”


For more information on TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s maintenance and service packages, please click hereTCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Chipper Champ 2 is the global leader in chipper machines, spearheading the market in thousands of casinos worldwide. Stemming from its predecessor, the original and undisputed Chipper Champ, the Chipper Champ 2 is a powerful, yet quiet chipping machine that sorts more chips per minute than any other chipper. Built for continuous 24-hour operation, with full integration into TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s revolutionary Gaming Floor Live platform, the Chipper Champ 2 is more cost-effective, productive and reliable than human labour. For more information or to enquire about the Chipper Champ 2, click here.



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