Production Manager

Role Overview / Purpose

We are looking for an experienced Production Manager with the ability to manage and improve the Production processes and associated systems. This includes the manufacture of products, Health & Safety, Quality Control and traceability of the company. As a Production Manager you will be based in Stoke-On-Trent, UK, on a full-time permanent basis. This role will entail working closely with the existing Production, Warehouse and Operation teams and reporting directly to the Head of Operations.

Responsibilities & Required Skills

 Key Responsibilities and Duties 

  • Responsible for ensuring the effective operation of the manufacturing teams.
  • Deliver world-class quality products, whilst ensuring safety, quality and cost objectives are achieved. 
  • Implement and deliver key manufacturing KPI’s by demonstrating continuous improvements across all areas. 
  • Manage daily production teams and lead by example to foster a flexible and pro-active team culture.
  • Work closely with other teams in the business to ensure overall efficiency of the department. 
  • Develop and maintain standard operating procedures – ensuring staff are suitably trained to meet operational standards. 
  • Develop a culture which focuses on quality improvement. 
  • Control Production schedules. 
  • To hold responsibility for Health and Safety of the manufacturing processes and teams. 
  • Establish strong working relations with other functional Managers. 
  • Improve product build-times without sacrificing quality or accuracy. 
  • Deliver an effective manufacturing operation. 
  • Ensure best-practice manufacturing processes and procedures are adhered to.
  • Identify and implement cost reduction activities, whilst maintaining quality and efficiency. 
  • Oversee the Production Department to ensure all goods are manufactured to spec and plan. 
  • Nurture and develop relationships both internally and externally.
  • Ad-hoc project management within Production and Operations, ensuring company strategic requirements are achieved. 
  • Work closely with other departments (Product Development, Procurement, Sales etc.) 
  • Create departmental plans, targets, and deadlines.
  • Execute strategies to improve efficiency and Customer Service. 

Key Performance Indicators 

  • Ensure product quality is maintained and improved upon, with on-going ISO accreditation. 
  • Maintain the efficiency of the manufacturing processes. 
  • Provide on-time delivery performance. 
  • Deliver improvement in workflows for in-feeds through to finished delivery to customers. 
  • Increase productivity and production capabilities, without sacrificing quality and accuracy. 
  • Goods delivered in time and in-full to quality and to order. 
  • Improve lead and build times. 
  • Reduce cost of manufacturing processes /products. 

Other responsibilities

  • Recruiting, inducting and training of new staff members.
  • Provide the direction and support to enable your team to deliver their objectives and develop performance. 
  • Play a leadership role within Operations, personally role-modelling behaviours and own performance required to achieve the site’s objectives.
  • Create a culture of effective cross-functional and flexible working throughout Operations to ensure labour flexibility is aligned to meet fluctuations in demand.
  • Support and develop the performance of individual team members, utilising performance management tools and techniques.
  • To hold regular team and planning meetings with staff members.
  • Produce monthly reports to Management. 
  • Inspire others by demonstrating enthusiasm and a focus on making a difference.
  • Provide consistent and visible support to create an enduring positive culture. 
  • Pro-actively manage others’ expectations. 
  • Take full ownership for the performance of individuals under your own managerial area.
  • Ensure the department has adequate cover at all times – coordinate holidays.
  • Inform Line Manager/Human Resources of any disciplinary issues.

Required Experience

  • Excellent management, planning and organisational skills. 
  • Degree calibre with a strong engineering background.
  • Be able to learn, understand and apply the mechanical and technical principles applicable to the products and the procedures used within the business. 
  • Strong planning and organisational skills.
  • Must be able to assist in determining and prioritising changes and improvements needed. 
  • Able to lead the implementation of the strategic and long-term plans of the Directors, as well as assisting and determining what improvements are needed within the business. 
  • Capable to supervise and motivate your team by being actively involved in implementing changes and improvements. 
  • Ability to produce documentation of relevant and necessary processes and procedures.
  • Operational Management experience. 
  • Leadership of a functional unit. 
  • Budget/financial control and Resource Management experience. 


  • Department Operations
  • Reports To Head of Operations
  • Hours Full-time
  • 24/06/2022 Closing Date
  • Apply Today