Top 5 features to look for when choosing displays


Discover our top 5 key features of what to look for when choosing a new Display for your casino.

Tables with Winning Number Displays help generate more revenue, so choosing the right display that offers reliability, durability and security, as well as delivering stunning graphics and media is imperative. Here’s what you need to know to help you choose the right display for your casino.

1. Players Need to see key information clearly

The sights and sounds in a casino can be overwhelming – all competing for the player’s attention. Therefore, it’s important to ensure essential game information is easy to read and understand right across the gaming floor.

The TCS Ora range of displays feature some of the largest screen sizes available for live table games, with crystal-clear HD graphics and animations. The Ora Grande (which is perfect for Roulette, Sicbo and Money Wheel (Big 6) games) features a 32” portrait screen that provides excellent visibility from multiple angles.

32” Landscape displays in the range (for Baccarat, Poker and Progressives) include the Ora Luxe, Ora View and Ora Curve.

By focusing on uncluttered graphics on large screens that showcase a whole host of game statistics, players will be able to see more clearly the tables they want to be playing.


Casinos need to engage with their customers and draw them to tables. Attention-grabbing displays with customisable graphics are the key to engaging an audience in busy environment. TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s display range features high impact graphics that provide key game information as well as striking animations.

TCS Ora Displays are available with a wide range of skins to suit a variety of games with the winning animations provided as standard with a skin. There is also the flexibility to change custom backgrounds as well as the option for bespoke designs to suit a casino’s requirements, which our graphics team will be happy to help with.

A variable range of graphics and animations can be configured in numerous combinations allowing winning numbers, stats, advertising content and video to be displayed exactly how the operator requires.

3. Notifying customers of any relevant trends – how do trend lights attract players?

Trends are simply patterns or streaks of results that may appear during a series of games. These trends are used by players who decide what kind of betting trend to utilise based on previous results.

For example, in Baccarat when a number of Banker, Player or Tie hands win in a row you can use the result colour of the LED lights on the side of a display to grow larger which notifies players of this trend and draws customers to the table.

TCS Ora displays that include LEDs offer further flexibility with the option to set colours for a particular trend, for instance if 5 Banker hands win in a row a casino can customise this to a particular colour of their choosing.

In Roulette the trend lights could be used to indicate Red / Black / Zeros (green) or can be used to notify minimum bets. The operator can determine different minimum bet amounts by a given a colour, so these can be easily identified across the gaming floor.

LEDs are also great to use for attract modes. With over 65,000 colour combinations available and various light sequences to programme, the table display becomes a great eye-catching feature, attracting players to tables.

4. Choose designs that compliment your décor or theme

With a wide range of styles, finishes and frame options available there is TCS Ora Display to suit your casino. There is unrivalled choice and flexibility for operators, acknowledging one size does not fit all, offering a new dimension of game excitement and atmosphere in your casino.

TCS Ora display frames are supplied in black and gold as standard and custom finishes can also be produced. There is also the option for integrated cameras on some displays, providing added security with surveillance staff having clear and unobstructed views of the game in play.

5. Making sure your Displays offer Seamless integration with other products

TCS Ora Displays offer seamless integration with our other products, such as our range of roulette wheels, intelligent shoes and dealer consoles. This allows ease of installation, unrivalled choice and flexibility for operators.

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