TCSJOHNHUXLEY celebrates GGB Gaming & Technology Award for Chipper Champ UV

TCSJOHNHUXLEY is proud to announce the Chipper Champ UV has been recognized as a Silver winner in the Best Table Game Product category of the GGB Gaming & Technology Awards 2021.

These prestigious awards recognize and encourage innovation and are presented for technology, products and services that enhance the gaming experience. The Chipper Champ is an industry benchmark product, regarded best-in-class and the introduction of the new Chipper Champ UV continues this strong heritage.

Launched at the beginning of this year, the Chipper Champ UV was developed to provide operators with the right tools to ensure suitable levels of safety are achieved. Gaming chips are an essential element of any live casino table game but due to the amount of handling they require, there is a possibility for germs to easily spread.

The introduction of the Chipper Champ UV with its in-built UV-C light technology, a proven sanitation tool, automatically sanitises chips at the same time as them being sorted without any delay to the game. Available for both the Chipper Champ 2 and Pro, this new technology provides players with peace of mind that their chips are constantly being sanitised whilst in play.

Tristan Sjöberg, Executive Chairman comments, “We are honored to receive this highly regarded award for the Chipper Champ UV. The past 18 months have been challenging for the industry but we were able to utilise the down-time positively to innovate, re-think and evaluate products and quickly respond to the ever-changing situation. The Chipper Champ UV is not only a great product, it also provides peace of mind to everyone who works in or visits a casino.”

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