Casino Dice Security Measures That Ensure Peace of Mind

In most casino games we know that a small element of players may try and cheat the system with tricky tactics to turn the odds in their favour. This is especially apparent in dice games such as Craps, where players have a physical hand on the outcome of each roll. So how can casinos prevent this from happening? At TCSJOHNHUXLEY our “Certified Perfects” Dice are designed and manufactured to ensure the perfect balance and true randomness of every roll with the most stringent levels of security.

On the face of it, dice appear to be a low-tech simplistic product, however, ‘Certified Perfects’ incorporate a wide variety of unique security features that uphold the integrity of the game and is the reason they are so highly regarded and the ONLY choice for casinos worldwide.

Here we look at the numerous security measures that casinos can take to ensure fair play at their Gaming Tables and give peace of mind to operators.

Serial Numbers

To prevent ‘weighted’ or ‘loaded’ dice a unique serial number is added on each set of dice. TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s dice are packaged in packs of five with a matching serial number on each die, to ensure that all the same dice are used in the game. If any die are swapped out a member of staff will easily be able to see if two different serial numbers are in play. 


A casino’s logo can be added for personalisation as well as adding a clear unique identifier to the dice. The colour of logos can also be changed to add another level of variation.

Glow Spots

One way for a Floor Manager to tell if casino dice are legit is by adding a Glow Spot. This is where a designated spot on each die is filled with a special formulation epoxy that changes colour under ultra-violet light (black light).

Key Letter Spot

This is a security measure that often goes unnoticed by players. A designated spot on each die can be monogrammed with a letter or number prior to painting. The monogram adds another level of security that is hard to replicate.

Perfect Cubes

Dice used in casinos are often known as precision dice because they are formed in the shape of a perfect cube with edges and corners perfectly square. “Certified Perfects” branded dice adhere to the highest of standards, achieving precision and accuracy with incredible craftsmanship. Each side of a die is perfectly flat, and the spots contained are perfectly flush to ensure no imbalance.

Sharp Corners

You will probably have noticed how sharp the corners of casino dice are, which is very different to generic board game dice – this is because rounded corners are far less random. Casino Dice are known for having sharp, razor edges and flush pips drilled to identical depths. This ensures truly random rolls. “Certified Perfects” Dice have edges that are razor cut for precision and in the shape of a perfect die with corners perfectly square to ensure the randomness of each roll. 

Dice Translucency

“Certified Perfects” Dice are made from high-quality translucent acrylic which enables a casino to be able to see if anyone has put something inside a die to alter its spin.


A tiny variation such as weight can cause a die to roll less randomly. Thats why we ensure the weight of each die is equally distributed throughout, and no side of the die is heavier or lighter than any other side. Each spot is painted with a special epoxy, to create the same weight and density that was displaced in the drilling operation providing perfect balance.

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