COLLUSION COSTS! Tackle the threat today with ADR.


What issues is ADR addressing?

In recent years’ casinos have been hit by issues of security and dealer/player collusion on the game of Sicbo, in addition manually reading dice results has always left room for human error. Automatic Dice Recognition from TCSJOHNHUXLEY mitigates these risks, bringing security back to the game of Sicbo.

How does ADR from TCSJOHNHUXLEY work?

Once ‘No More Bets’ has been called an advanced, high precision recognition system extracts the dice outcome from an image which is captured from inside the Dice Shaker cover. The result is then automatically fed though to the Sicbo dealer console for dealer confirmation.

What is included in an ADR kit?

For best results, we recommend that our advanced ADR system is purchased in conjunction with a new Dice Shaker, allowing the system to be factory fitted and tested before it arrives on your gaming floor. The ADR kit itself consist of a camera and lighting assembly that is fitted into the Dice Shaker dome and a controller.

Does ADR work with my Blaze Sicbo table?

The Automatic Dice Recognition system is fully compatible with TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Window’s Sicbo Blaze surface technology meaning that other than the ADR kit, no other additional hardware is required.

Is ADR compatible with my traditional Sicbo lightbox?

Yes, ADR is compatible with traditional ‘none Blaze’ lightboxes with the addition of a PC touch computer which can also be supplied by TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

What are the Advantages of Automatic Dice Recognition from TCSJOHNHUXLEY?

  • Mitigates the risk of player/dealer collusion as dice results are automatically fed to the dealer console with any changes to results requiring authorization from supervisors/pit managers.
  • Reduces mistakes made by dealers misreading and entering incorrect dice results.
  • Simple to install.
  • Developed by a name you can trust.

How do I order ADR?

Simply call us on +853 2870 1311 or email

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