Looking back at the history of the Money Wheel

Looking back at the history of the Money Wheel

TCSJOHHUXLEY has the widest range of Money Wheels for the land-based and online sectors that can be custom designed to suit any gaming requirements. Precision engineered, our Money Wheels make a big impact, creating excitement amongst players.

The Big Six or Money Wheel, is a classic game of chance that is played on large wheel that is spun by a dealer. The game is simple yet fun to play, with the wheel being divided into segments that represent different odds and values.

Money Wheels have become increasingly popular online and in casinos worldwide but where did this concept originate from? Here we look at a brief history of this exciting game of chance.

Ancient Origins

It is believed that Ancient Babylonian first invented the concept, which was then adopted and developed by the Ancient Greeks before being called Rota Fortunae by the Romans.

In Roman mythology, Fortuna was the goddess of Luck, Fate, and Fortune and is often seen associated with Rota Fortunae, (Latin for “wheel of fortune”). The Wheel belonged to goddess Fortuna, who was sometimes shown blindfolded, spinning a wheel at random. When the wheel was spun it would change the positions of those on the wheel, and wherever it stopped foretold how lucky that person would be.

Chariot Warfare

It is also believed the origin of the Money Wheel was derived in the times of Chariot Warfare. In Roman times, soldiers used their shields by marking points on and spinning them. If lucky and it stopped in your chosen section, then you won the game.  It was also used to settle contests or disputes, with soldiers using their chariot wheels to spin.

Big 6/Money Wheel in Casinos

From its initial introduction into casinos, the Money Wheel has developed from one adaption to another, culminating today with Roulette Wheels and the larger Money Wheels we see on casino gaming floors across the globe. Now, the Money Wheel/Big Six Wheel, is seen as an integral part of many casinos, but this time it’s a dealer doing the spinning.

One of the biggest resurgents of the game has been seen in the iGaming sector. Money Wheels are the ideal product to provide a big impact as well as excitement and entertainment for players. Many online live gaming operators now feature Money Wheels in their offering featuring their own exclusive games.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s wide range of Money Wheels include Traditional, LED or Mega Money Wheels.  We have also just expanded the range with the Mega Tilt Spin Money Wheel, a horizontal Money Wheel, that is ideal for the online gaming environments. Read more about this exciting new addition and the rest of our Money Wheel range here.

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