There’s more to a Roulette wheel than meets the eye

To the untrained eye one Roulette wheel is the same as the next. To those whose business relies on the security and randomness of this precision engineered random number generator, knowing the difference between a wheel with quality, innovation, reliability and security built into its core, as opposed to those which focus simply on looking the part, is vital. After all, with wheels running 24/7 in land based and online casinos alike, no operator can afford to have a wheel which doesn’t focus on security in every aspect of its production.

A TCSJOHNHUXLEY wheel does exactly that. Building security and reliability into every component of the wheel, from our unique compression locking system, ensuring equal pressure is applied across the cone resulting in equal bounce, to the solid Velstone ball track, eliminating an uneven surface whilst keeping the integrity of the wheel intact. There’s far more to a Roulette wheel than meets the eye and despite producing the world’s most recognisable and eye-catching hand crafted wheels, comprising 32 hours of master craftsmanship and exquisite finishes, it’s what lies beneath which makes a TCSJOHNHUXLEY wheel the only one to trust.

Manufactured using the highest quality materials and 10 uniquely skilled processes, every component has been designed to ensure it is solid and durable. The TCSJOHNHUXLEY separator ring is machined from a single piece of aluminium plate which is over 4.5mm thicker than our competitors, meaning it is not thin and flimsy and prone to warping. It’s not just our separator ring which is built to last, unlike our competitors everything from our solid bowl liner with in-built housing for wheel electronics to our individual number tiles which allow for easy replacement, wherever you look inside a TCSJOHNHUXLEY wheel you will find unrivalled quality.

What’s more, we exhaustively check every aspect of our wheels, throughout the manufacturing process and prior to dispatch – in fact, over 130 individual quality checks to be precise. By building quality into each process and combining this with state of the art testing we are able to produce a Roulette wheel which you can trust on your gaming floor 24/7 365 days a year.

From our patented laser measuring technology which tests all areas where the ball comes into contact to ensure an even bounce, to our patented Drop Zone Detection which monitors the frequency of the ball leaving a particular zone of the ball track alerting if a greater percentage of frequency is recorded, no other Roulette wheel manufacturer performs the level of tests we do.

When quality, innovation, reliability and security are key there is only one choice, it has to be TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

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