Show your Roulette Wheel some love this Valentine’s Day…and every other day of the year

At TCSJOHNHUXLEY, we take Roulette Wheels seriously. For almost 50 years, we’ve been manufacturing the most random and secure wheels available on the market and are continuously recognised across the globe as pioneers in the design, craftsmanship and maintenance of Roulette Wheels.

Strict regulations are in place regarding the manufacturing of Roulette Wheels. However, when a wheel is delivered onto a casino floor it’s possible for any number of staff to come into contact with the device that could unintentionally alter its performance.

To obtain the maximum performance from your TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheel depends on how well you look after it, so we’ve put together some handy guidelines to keep your wheel well-loved and looked after.

Keep your wheel clean

Continuous day-to-day use with the accumulation of dirt, oil and dust particles will over time affect the wheel’s performance. Before each gaming session use a soft lint-free or micro-fibre cloth to wipe over all wheel surfaces. With regular cleaning, the appearance and performance of the wheel will be maintained.

Don’t use harsh chemicals or house-hold sprays

When cleaning your wheel never use any invasive chemicals, solvents, thinners or house-hold sprays, as they can cause damage to the wheel and produce cosmetic blemishes. We recommended using the TCSJOHNHUXLEY Pro-cleaning wipes or a Roulette Care Kit, which is available to order from TCSJOHNHUXLEY directly.

Cleaning inside the wheel bowl

Once a month we recommend that you remove all wheel cylinders to clean inside the wheel bowl. You should lift by the turret and carefully remove the wheel cylinder from the wheel bowl. Use a soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the inside of the wheel bowl to clear any dust and debris that may have accumulated inside. We recommend using pro-cleaning wipes or a TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Care Kit to clean the inside of the bowl and ball track.

Cleaning the sensors on a Saturn™ Roulette Wheel

On a Saturn™ Roulette Wheel, there are four sets of sensors that require monthly cleaning to ensure reliability of number detection. The first is in the base of the wheel bowl and the other three are located in the upper ball track. They should each be cleaned using a Roulette Care Kit or Pro-Cleaning Wipes.

Wheel Bearings

Both bearings use a Life Lubricant and, as such, should not be touched. Please do not put any oil or grease on the bearings, as this will enable dirt and dust to build up and stick to the bearings. If the bearings are thought to be causing a problem, please contact TCSJOHNHUXLEY for technical support.


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