TCSJOHNHUXLEY Brings New Table Games to ICE

Adding to an ever-growing portfolio of exciting proprietary games, TCSJOHNHUXLEY debuted three new games at ICE 2015 – Roulette 18, Lucky Joker and Power 8’s. The TCSJOHNHUXLEY range of proprietary table games gives operators a wide choice of side bet alternatives to enhance their current traditional offering without slowing down the game flow or changing the existing procedures of the game.

Roulette 18 is an exciting, space saving alternative to traditional Roulette. Played using a 20-sided dice instead of a wheel, Roulette18 is a fast and easy casino game that uses a unique layout without the need for a roulette sized table, thus freeing up more valued casino floor space. It also provides a cost effective alternative to traditional roulette, with no additional hardware or software required, just the 20-sided dice and shaker. With less numbers on the table and no ball spinning to wait for, Roulette18 is played much faster than traditional Roulette. This increase in game speed attributes to an improved game hold percentage and a faster return on investment, as players are drawn into the excitement.

Also introduced at ICE, was Lucky Joker – a brand new game similar to Sicbo which is designed to appeal to the Asian market. Lucky Joker is very simple to play and to deal and can be played on a Blackjack-shaped table or a rectangular Sicbo-style table. Lucky Joker’s patent-pending, RNG technology draws players to the table, with a choice of betting options. Six cards are dealt face down on the special LED area, a light-bar illuminates randomly across all the cards. With the simple click of a Dealer button – or an optional player-managed button – the light will stop on one card, and the winner is revealed. It’s as simple as that!

Completing the new games line up is Power 8’s, a progressive side bet for Baccarat. One of Baccarat’s most appealing features is its simplicity. In Power 8’s, players bet on the combination and frequency of 8’s dealt, either as part of the initial 4 card deal or from the total of drawn cards representing a result in the main game. The three top progressive jackpots are shared equally between all those who placed a bet on the winning progressive bet sensors. It’s simple, fast and fun, appealing to both seasoned and new Baccarat players alike.

Bobby Liscio, Senior Product Manager comments, “The introduction of these new games to the our portfolio brings added excitement and variety to traditional games as well as new game concepts tailored to specific market requirements. Our current library of games are designed to enhance player experience and provide increased revenues, fulfilling the needs of both players and operators.”
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