TCSJOHNHUXLEY introduces Adaptive Winning Number Displays at ICE 2019

As a global leader in winning number display technology, TCSJOHNHUXLEY offers an extensive range of displays which deliver unrivalled quality and performance. It is well known that tables with winning number displays make more money than those without, so choosing the right display that offers reliability, as well as delivering stunning graphics and media, is imperative.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s display range features high impact graphics that provide key information as well as striking animations, however these graphics have historically been restricted to a standard template unless the operator has commissioned custom designs, exclusive to their properties.

With the new Adaptive Modular Graphic system, this is all about to change. Initially launched for Roulette, but will be rolled out for other games, the new display content consists of a plethora of variable graphics and animations that can be configured in a number of combinations allowing, winning numbers, stats, advertising content and video to be displayed exactly how each operator requires rather than to set configurations.

Content for the widgets includes:

  • Roulette Wheel animations
  • Winning numbers
  • Casino Logos / Table Nos.
  • Min / Max
  • Chip Tree
  • Hot / Cold Stats
  • Column / Dozens / Hi-Low / Odd-Even / Red-Black Stats

Tristan Sjöberg, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Executive Chairman comments, “We have always focused on producing products that provide flexibility, but also meet the requirements of the individual operator – we realise, one size does not fit all. Our new adaptive winning number displays allows casinos to configure their displays with our local teams, quickly and easily, to create eye-catching displays that provide information that is creative and customised just for them.”

Available for the Elite 29” Single / Double sided display and the new 32” Ora Grande, both of which are designed to provide excellent visibility from all angles of the gaming floor.

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