TCSJOHNHUXLEY Launches Saturn Auto Wheel at ICE 2015

Auto Roulette Wheel

Leading global innovator, TCSJOHHUXLEY unveiled Saturn™ Auto, an exciting addition to its world-renowned range of Roulette wheels, at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming Show in London. Boasting the same footprint as the Saturn™ 2, the Auto wheel is designed to sit perfectly on any live Roulette table delivering total flexibility for operators.

Saturn™ Auto’s unique compact design allows casinos to display and operate it according to their distinct needs. It can be placed on existing Roulette tables, integrated into furniture or supplied on a bespoke wheel podium; at just 220mm deep, there’s no bulky equipment beneath it occupying space.

Tristan Sjöberg, Executive Chairman commented, “Saturn™ Auto’s unique size and technology delivers options never before available in an automatic wheel. A simple mode switch, enables operators and Dealers to swap between full-automatic, automatic and semi-automatic modes, which makes it easy to integrate into any live or electronic game in the casino.”

Full-automatic (system driven) mode allows Saturn™ Auto to connect to TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s MultiPLAY, or another third-party Electronic Terminal Game (ETG), and fires the ball according to game status. Automatic mode operates according to a pre-configured number of spins per hour and the semi-automatic mode enables Dealers to control when to spin the ball, using a ‘fire’ button.

With Saturn™ Auto, operators also reap the benefits of TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s advanced Saturn™ reading technology. This includes ‘Drop Zone Detection’ reports on non-random results and drop zone bias, in addition to real-time security enhancements such as a built-in ball track inclinometer with abnormal event detection, which alleviates the need for daily wheel levelling. Saturn™ Auto also features a unique patented launch system that grips the ball and fires it with a spin to increase the randomness of the outcome.

When combined with TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s latest Gaming Floor Live (GFL) platform, the Saturn™ Auto wheel outputs game data via the Table Interface Board (TIB). This allows casinos to monitor and act on gameplay statistics from anywhere in the world in order to improve game efficiency and revenue.

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