Top 5 reasons not to miss us at G2E 2017

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G2E Las Vegas is quickly approaching, and this year is set to be a visual feast from TCSJOHNHUXLEY with eye-catching new products being showcased for the very first time in the US. Here’s our top 5 reasons not to miss us at booth 4439 October 3-5 at the Sands Expo Centre, Las Vegas.

1. See the evolution of Qorex, a lot has happened in 12 months

Launched at G2E Las Vegas 2016, Qorex has continually evolved since the show closed its doors to the public last September. Now available as a 27” and 23” terminal, Qorex continues to be an exciting and leading edge modular EGT system. The flexibility of Qorex is also on display in the form of the exciting custom developed Gameball EGT carousel, which will take pride of place on booth 4439

2. See the redesigned Qorex Fixed Tablet Table for the very first time in the US

Alongside the developments of the Qorex terminal we have also completely redesigned the Qorex Fixed Tablet Table. Now designed as a flexible modular system, the Qorex Fixed tablet table features an integrated bill validator system, eye-catching LED’s and a consistent user interface which allows players to easily transition from terminal to tablet and vice versa.

3. Experience our exciting games

Having recently signed an exclusive table games distribution agreement with Crown Resorts Ltd. we will be showcasing Dice Duel at G2E. Tried and tested on the Crown Melbourne gaming floor, this fast-paced dice game has proven popular with new and existing players alike.

Alongside Dice Duel you will find AxMan, the fun and easy to play side-bet which adds an exciting Poker twist to the classic game of Blackjack.

You will also find a range of other exciting games and side-bets on show at G2E 2017 including 3 Card Draw which will allow you to experience the power of our GFL Bonusing platform.

4. Experience the power of Gaming Floor Live

GFL Optimisation

Do you wish you could monitor live tables, access Roulette wheel performance and have full visibility of your gaming floors performance and activity at the touch of a button, all in real-time?

GFL Bonusing

Do you want to be able to design custom event-based or mystery progressives with jackpots spanning across various tables and game-types with the added benefit of creating multiple levels of jackpot all with real-time visibility of table and player data?

GFL Media

Do you wish you could alter, schedule and configure display content from a central point in real-time, creating promotions, messages and content to appear on any connected screen across the entire casino floor, whilst also being able to instantly modify min/max’s and activate Blaze LED Surface Technology?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then visit us at booth 4439 to find out how GFL can provide the solution.

5. See the winning combination of our Saturn Glo Roulette Wheel and Blaze LED Surface Technology in action.

See how easily you can light up your gaming floor with the winning combination of our next generation Blaze LED Surface Technology and Saturn Glo Roulette Wheel. Excite and engage players with the eye-catching patented animations of Blaze and clearly indicate game status and winning numbers with the synchronized color changes of Blaze and Saturn Glo.

With all this and more, be sure to register for FREE and join us at G2E Las Vegas 2017.

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