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27” Landscape e-FX™ Display

The 27” e-FX™ Display is the ideal addition to any Baccarat table.
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  • e-FX Displays
  • e-FX Displays
  • Baccarat score card display
  • 27
  • e-FX Displays
  • e-FX Displays
  • Baccarat score card display

27” Landscape e-FX™ Display Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully supports Baccarat and the Gaming Floor Live Bonusing module
  • Optional LED Attract Mode Lights
  • Several colour finishes available
  • Ticket Tape Text capabilities
  • Optional toppers including Security Camera
  • Available as a standalone display or networked solution benefiting from the GFL Media module
  • Ideal for GFL Bonusing, displaying jackpots in real-time as they grow


The landscape 27” e-FX™ Display by TCSJOHNHUXLEY fully supports Baccarat live table games, as well as GFL Bonusing.


Featuring optional LED attract mode lights and Ticker Tape Text capability, the 27” e-FX™ Landscape Display has the capabilities to attract customers to tables and display important game information.

Available with several colour finishes including silver, gold and black and optional toppers including security cameras or promotional displays, the 27” e-FX™ Display can be manufactured to fit your casinos style and image.


The 27” e-FX™ Display has the option of being provided as a standalone solution or as a fully integrated networked display which benefits from the power of the GFL Media module.

GFL Media enables centralised real-time alteration, scheduling and configuration of display content, allowing operators to quickly update content, set event and date triggered content and respond to changes on the gaming floor.


The 27″ e-FX™ Display is also the ideal partner for GFL Bonusing, displaying progressive game and side-bet jackpots as they grow in real-time, exciting the player and promoting the game.

GFL Bonusing gives casinos the tools to intelligently customise their games — helping them to keep players at the table and achieve the best hold possible.

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