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29” Portrait e-FX™ Display

The 29” e-FX™ Display is the ideal winning number display for Sicbo and Roulette tables.
  • 29inch e-FX display
  • 29inch e-FX display

29” Portrait e-FX™ Display Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports Roulette and Sicbo games
  • Several colour finishes and toppers
  • Ticket Tape Text Capability
  • Available as a double-sided display
  • Compatible with TCSJOHNHUXLEY Dice Shaker and Dice Shaker 2
  • Compatible with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheels and some third-party wheels
  • Available as a standalone display or networked solution benefiting from the GFL Media module


The 29” e-FX™ Portrait Display can integrate with any TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheel and some third-party wheels.


With attractive Ticket Tape Text capabilities, optional toppers including security cameras or a 10” promotional display and available with a double-sided option, the 29” e-FX™ Display is a flexible display option made bespoke to your needs.

With various colour finishes including silver, gold and black the 29” e-FX™ can be customised to fit your casinos individual style.


The 29” e-FX™ Display has the option of being provided as a standalone solution or as a fully integrated networked display which benefits from the power of the GFL Media module.

GFL Media enables real-time alteration, scheduling and configuration of display content from one central point. This not only prevents operators from having to manually change the content of each individual screen on their gaming floor, but also permits them to respond quickly to changing customer and casino needs. From immediately modifying table min/max’s to instantly displaying a message about the latest bar specials, operators can now alter display content quickly and easily in real-time.

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