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3 Card Draw Poker

Introducing 3 Card Draw Poker, the fun and fast paced Poker game.


How to Play

With easy to follow 3 card rules, players start by paying the initial ANTE to be dealt into the game. After checking their 3 cards, players can either fold, place an IN TO WIN bet equal to the ANTE, or place a DRAW bet equal to the ANTE (which allows players to swap one of their cards).

The dealer will then reveal their 4 cards and make the best possible 3 card Poker hand, all players hands that beat the dealers are paid out on 1 to 1 odds, all tie wagers will push.

Bonus pay-outs

3 Card Draw Poker promises to keep players on the edge of their seats with a bonus of up to 20 to 1 paid out to players irrespective of if they win, lose or draw on their IN TO WIN/DRAW wager, so long as they draw a Straight or better!

Exciting Progressive Jackpot

Alongside the thrilling new 3 Card Draw Poker game is an optional progressive side-bet that pays-out to players who draw a Straight Flush, Mini Royal Other or Mini Royal Diamond.

To find out more including pay table information download the 3 Card Draw Poker How To Play guide and Customer Information Sheet.

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