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AccuLevel is a quick and easy solution that simply attaches to any Roulette wheel, enabling staff to quickly level and rotate wheels.

AccuLevel Key Features and Benefits

  • Reduces maintenance costs – ease of use allows for fast and accurate levelling of wheel by one individual
  • Eliminates potential risk of back injury due to the awkward position required to lift and level a heavy Roulette wheel
  • Optional tri-point level, specifically designed to sit in the ball track
  • Rotation can be done at any time - opening of game/ between dealer changes / or even between spins during live play
  • Wheel can be rotated without the need to re-level


The AccuLevel is a simple attachment for any Roulette wheel, enabling a single member of casino staff to quickly and easily level and rotate the wheel on a regular basis without the need to adjust electronic winning number reading devices.


AccuLevel also combats the growing threat of concealed electronic cheating devices by making wheel levelling easy, fast and accurate, therefore eliminating any drop zone bias caused by poor wheel calibration and lack of preventative maintenance.


Using optional tri-point levels, specifically designed to sit in the ball track, casinos can quickly and accurately check and adjust the level of a wheel. The design of the AccuLevel reduces the potential risk of injury from lifting heavy Roulette wheels with a 360-degree wheel plate rotation with 15 indexed positional locking points.


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