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Big Bang Blackjack

Big Bang Blackjack is an exciting progressive side-bet for Blackjack with highly customisable jackpots


Powered by  the TCS Jackpot System, Big Bang Blackjack is an exciting side-bet from TCSJOHNHUXLEY. Jackpots are linked with other Big Bang Blackjack tables around the casino floor, which means that jackpots increment at a faster rate, exciting players and creating a positive buzz throughout the entire casino.


Big Bang Blackjack has highly customisable jackpots designed to suit a casinos unique needs. Operators can customise contribution ratios and choose fixed percentage pay-outs that satisfy their players as well as their specific casino goals.


In Big Bang Blackjack, all jackpots increment when a bet is placed, but only the winning jackpot ‘resets’. This means that if one jackpot is won, the other jackpots remain in play and continue to increment until they are also won; jackpots can grow to be even larger and more exciting for players than ever before.

TCS Jackpot System

Big Bang Blackjack is powered by the TCS Jackpot System, the mystery progressive system for live gaming. Allowing for floor-wide jackpots across game-types to generate huge prize pools.

The TCS Jackpot System gives casinos the tools to intelligently customise their games — helping them to keep players at the table and achieve the best hold possible. With this module, operators can create multiple bespoke progressives and side-bets for any table game, monitor the success of them in real-time and, if necessary, modify the game configurations instantly (subject to local regulations).

For more information including pay tables please download the Big Bang Blackjack How To Play Guide and Customer Information Sheet.

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