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Blaze Baccarat Gaming Table

Now with the introduction of Blaze Baccarat, operators can add excitement and entertainment to Asia’s most popular game.



Bringing a new twist to the traditional game of Baccarat, this latest addition incorporates the same eye-catching Blaze patented game attract animations as well as highlighting winning bets which excite new and experienced players whilst providing additional security to dealers and operations staff alike.

Enhances Security

Blaze Baccarat not only attracts players, it also increases security on the casino floor and assists dealers with game accuracy. Players and gaming staff instantly benefit from seeing winning outcomes clearly highlighted, and with the improved visibility of these sections of the table, Pit Bosses and security staff can easily monitor game procedures from a distance.

Improves player experience

Casinos across the globe have seen the benefits that Blaze products bring to their gaming floors and it is clear that customers love the vibrancy and atmosphere it creates. With the addition of Blaze Baccarat, operators can now take advantage of offering one of the world’s most popular card games whist improving the playing experience for the customer.

Feature Standalone Networked Benefit
Patented attract mode animations on the game layout
Verifies and highlights all winning results
Educates players and assists dealer accuracy
Allows dealers to focus more on the player
Customised graphics and messaging
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Revenue
  • Reporting
  • Control

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