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Blaze Craps Gaming Table

Light up your casino gaming floor, excite and educate players and aid in dealer accuracy and security with TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s new Blaze Craps.


Craps is a hugely popular and historic game but its intricacies can make it challenging for novice players to adopt. Blaze Craps, the latest addition to the successful Blaze range, not only delivers an exciting and eye-catching addition to the gaming floor but also aids in player education and enhances security and dealer accuracy.

Educate players & remove barriers to play

Approaching a Craps table for the first time as an inexperienced player can be daunting. Blaze Craps removes the uncertainty of the game process, educating players and allowing them to feel at ease at the table. From clearly displaying the game state to highlighting winning numbers and payouts, Blaze craps allows players to watch and quickly pick up the complex game of Craps.

Aid dealer accuracy & enhance security

With clear illuminated prompts including winning numbers and payouts, dealers are able to stay focused on players and the flow of the game. In addition, the vibrant table helps casino security teams  as with just a glance the team know what stage the game is in and can therefore monitor player and dealer behaviour is in line with the state of play.

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