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Chipper Champ 2

The Chipper Champ 2 improves table productivity, offering quick set-up whilst being the quietest chipper available.


The Chipper Champ 2 builds on TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s heritage as the finest global supplier of live casino gaming equipment. This offering boasts quick set-up and processing whilst being the quietest chipper available.


The use of Chipper Champ 2 can result in game productivity being increased by 15% – 20% on a typical Roulette table, with a sorting capacity of up to 500 chips a minute.


Quick to programme and easy to install the Chipper Champ 2 sits discretely beneath the table where it reliably sorts any chip, from wheel checks to value chips whilst identifying and isolating non-conforming chips and notifying the dealer accordingly, 24-hours a day.

Featuring ‘one chip’ column programming means that columns can be quickly re-programmed in the following combinations:

  • One chip colour/design per column
  • Two chip colours/designs per column
  • Four chip colours/designs per column

The unique design of its rack dispensers gives perfect stacks of twenty chips time after time. Suitable for left and right handed tables, the dispensers feature one handed operation and can be adjusted to varying tolerances for different chip depths.


Built in diagnostics and error indicators deliver on-going operational status. Should the machine register a fault, the graphical display provides intuitive user support. Chipper Champ 2 comes with integrated networking as standard.

Chipper Champ 2 Key Features

  • Sorts up to 500 chips per minute
  • Automatic variable speed
  • Ability to program up to four chip types
  • Sealed hopper and improved funnel eliminates chip spillage
  • Quick and easy ‘one chip’ programming
  • Handles various chip diameters including 43mm
  • Left and right table configuration
  • ‘Hot Swapping’ – where two columns can be easily swapped
  • Built-in diagnostics and error indicators
  • Multilingual user interface



Integrated with Table Game Performance for optimisation and security, Chipper Champ 2 monitors table performance in real time.


Chips can now be automatically sanitised at the same time as being sorted, with Chipper Champ UV. This new addition can be retro fitted to existing Chipper Champ 2 and allows one side of the chip to pass through the UV-C sanitiser unit whilst being sorted. This provides players with peace of mind that their chips are constantly being exposed to UV-C light whilst in play.

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