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Chipper Champ Pro

The Chipper Champ Pro incorporates stand out features which not only streamline operating processes but add additional tangible benefits for dealers, pit bosses and managers alike.


The Chipper Champ Pro incorporates all the key attributes of the world-beating Chipper Champ 2 but with stand-out features that include an innovative fold away touch screen, providing more information to casino personnel right on the gaming floor and enhanced security through two built-in cameras with LED lights.

Enhanced Security

The built-in cameras are a valuable addition to casino security measures, as well as assisting with any maintenance issues. The internal cameras allow Dealers/Supervisors to see inside the Chipper without needing to remove any panels and interrupt the game. The cameras have LED lights, one inside the hopper and one behind the curved door and can quickly and easily identify any rogue objects that may be in the Chipper.

Improved chip count display

Featuring a unique built-in fold-away 7” digital screen that displays numerous table management options to assist authorised pit staff at the touch of a button, allowing more detailed information to be viewed than previously.

The Chipper Champ Pro features an improved chip count display with information displayed on an easy to read graph for individual and virtual columns and set up or programming is accessed via the screen.

Powerful Wheel Insights

The Chipper Champ Pro removes the need to connect a PC and download data from a Roulette Wheel by delivering powerful wheel insights direct to the Chippers digital display screen. Wheel Bias reporting and Inclinometer levelling information are available as an optional feature, requiring limited additional hardware connecting to the wheel. Now operators can quickly and easily identify any potential issues from the gaming floor.

Furthermore, any recorded video snippets can be downloaded onto a USB stick and there is also the ability to copy user settings from one Chipper to another.

Detailed Real Time Analysis

Chipper Champ Pro comes with integrated networking as standard, allowing real-time monitoring of table performance. When the Chipper Champ Pro is connected to the TCSJOHNHUXLEY Platform, operators have access to real-time data that provides accurate tracking of chip value turnover. In addition, it is possible to access the min/max value and chip tree when connected to the wheel and display.

Chipper Champ UV

Chips can now be automatically sanitised at the same time as being sorted, with Chipper Champ UV. This new addition can be retro fitted to existing Chipper Champ 2 and Chipper Champ Pro chipping machines and allows one side of the chip to pass through the UV-C sanitiser unit whilst being sorted. This provides players with peace of mind that their chips are constantly being exposed to UV-C light whilst in play.

Discover everything you need to know about the Chipper Champ Pro by downloading our extensive Chipper Guide. Click here.

Feature Standalone Networked Benefit
Sorts up to 500 chips per minute
Built in diagnostics
One chip programming
Programme up to 4 chips per column
Local alarm, recording and internal camera
Accurate tracking of chip turnover in realtime
Min/Max value and chip tree (connect to wheel display)
Chip column count
View Wheel Bias and Drop Zone detection reports
View Wheel Inclinometer
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Revenue
  • Reporting
  • Control

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