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Clear Diamond Screen Protector Films

Introducing Clear Diamond Screen Protector Films providing added protection against bacteria and viruses to touch screen devices and displays.


Kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your screens

With the increasing use of touch screen devices in casinos and the risks associated with germs spreading more easily, it has never been more vital to reduce the threat of cross contamination to provide peace of mind for your players and gaming staff.

Clear Diamond screen protection films provide high performance anti-glare and anti-scratch screen protection for touch screens and LCD displays. Available in customised sizes and designs, these films are suitable for a wide range of devices such as touch screen slots and ETG’s, electronic displays, kiosks, cash registers and ATM’s.

Clear Diamond high performance anti-bacterial protection films have a proprietary hard coating that kills 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens. This hard coating incorporates pure metal nanotechnology which prevents biofilm colonisation of the surface.

The films are designed to provide protection that will last up to a year dependant on usage and have passed BS EN ISO 22916 specification tested at the UK National Health Laboratory (S.M.T.L.) preventing bacterial colonisation of surfaces and contamination, killing bacterium such as E-coli and MRSA outright.

Hardwearing and Durable

Clear Diamond screen protectors have anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint properties with a proprietary hard coating that prevents scratching and impact damage to the screens. Furthermore, the films are quick and easy to apply leaving no residue after prolonged usage.

Features and Benefits

  • Proprietary hard coating that kills 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens
  • Anti-scratch –  Shields and protects your screen from scratches and damage
  • Anti-glare – Ideal for bright lights and strong sunshine, minimising reflections and glare
  • Anti-Fingerprint – Reduce fingerprint marks and the need to clean your screen as often
  • Ideal for high usage touch-screens providing added protection
  • Easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue on the screen
  • Works with all modern touch-screen technology
  • Customised sizes and designs for touch screen control panels
  • Available in optically clear or matt anti-glare grades
  • Withstands the most rigorous cleaning regimes without damage to the anti-bacterial treatment



We have you covered with the TCSJOHNHUXLEY Care and Protect range designed to protect you and your customers in the fight against COVID-19. Our comprehensive range of protective products conform to the highest standards, providing peace of mind by keeping your staff and players, safe and healthy.

Other products in the range include the Chip Sanitiser and Play Safe Shields.

Our dedicated Care & Protect Team will support customers with all they will need for their table game operations. Don’t delay, contact us today for fast and easy delivery  info@tcsjohnhuxley.com

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