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Double-Up Blackjack

Double-Up Blackjack offers an exciting new twist on the classic game of Blackjack.


Double-Up Blackjack is a new game inspired by traditional Blackjack, which allows players to double their initial wager after having seen their first two-cards (except if it’s a Blackjack).

All the player has to do is place an additional bet (up to the original wager) and stand on their two-card hand. It’s an exciting variation of one of the most popular casinos games that players love!


To participate, standard Blackjack house rules are followed until the first two cards are dealt. Then, a player may choose to stand, receive another card or Double-Up, by placing a second wager equal to or less than the original wager. If the player chooses to Double-Up, he/she must then stand and take no more cards.

If the player’s hand beats the Dealer’s, both the Double-Up wager and the main wager wins. If the Dealer beats the player’s hand, both the Double-Up wager and the main wager lose. In the event that both the Dealer and player push, the Double-Up wager will lose.


If the Dealers’ hand totals 16 at any time (hard or soft), the game will stop. All bets on the table will push, with the exception of any player with a card total of 21. A card total of 21 pays even money (1-to-1) and a natural Blackjack pays 3-to-2.

For more information including pay tables please download the Double-Up Blackjack How To Play Guide.

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