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ICON Chips

With a patented design, ICON Chips mean a superior finish that will not break or wear.
ICON Gaming Chips

ICON Chips Key Features and Benefits

  • Top of the range chips made in the U.S.A.
  • Exclusive Integrated Print Technology™
  • Range of security features
  • In-house design service
  • UV marking
  • Laser engraved edges
  • Extensive choice of colours and effects
  • Large range of sizes available
  • Chip designs to suit any requirement


Manufactured in the U.S.A, to ensure high quality construction, graphics and a superior matte finish, ICON™ chips will not break apart or wear. Featuring anti-counterfeit security measures ICON™ chips are some of the most secure in the gaming industry and thanks to the attention to detail in crafting them they have never been successfully counterfeited.


Manufactured with exclusive IPT™ Technology which embeds the printed image into the surface of the chip creating a vivid, high resolution, full-colour image the ICON™ chip will not fade or wear for the life of the chip.

Since its introduction, the ICON™ chip has been continuously improved for greater quality and durability. The high quality of the ICON™ chip is produced on remarkable automated equipment, which ultimately results in much lower prices compared to major premier class gaming chip competitors worldwide.


ICON™ chips feature spot colour variations to ensure chip integrity, allowing for easy recognition of all in-play chips at a glance and eliminating the chance of counterfeits being passed successfully. Further security enhancements include UV security printing and laser engraved edges.


TCSJOHNHUXLEY can develop customised designs for all banks of chips in a wide range of colours and designs, using your casinos logo.

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