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Lucky Ball Roulette

Lucky Ball Roulette, the suspense building Roulette Side-Bet that players will love!


Feeling Lucky?

Developed by Gaming Entertainment Systems (GES) and distributed by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, Lucky Ball is a suspense building side-bet for the traditional game of Roulette. Easy to play and with no impact on the base game, players will watch in excitement to see if they win big by placing bets on the four coloured Lucky Ball options!

Game Play

With fun and engaging gameplay, players place bets on any or all of the four available Lucky Ball colour bet sections (red, green, blue and yellow). Players are not required to place bets on the main layout, likewise those playing the base game are not required to place a Lucky Ball side-bet.

After the ball is spun by the dealer four randomly generated Lucky Ball numbers will be displayed, it is the decision of the individual casino whether the Lucky Ball numbers are revealed before or after No More Bets. If the winning number from the Roulette wheel matches one of the Lucky Ball numbers, then that colour wins and players are paid-out according to the pay table.

Alongside odds from 60 to 1 up to 120 to 1, Lucky Ball also randomly generates a bonus for one of the four Lucky Ball colours, including an optional jackpot of up to 1000 to 1. Players will be gripped with Lucky Ball Roulette, where winning big is just one spin away!

For more information please download the Lucky Ball Roulette How To Play Guide and Customer Information Sheet.


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