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Mark VII Roulette Wheel

The Mark VII Roulette Wheel defines the quality and manufacturing expertise synonymous with TCSJOHNHUXLEY.
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  • Mark VII Roulette Wheel Video
  • roulette wheel
  • Hand crafted roulette wheel
  • Roulette
  • Roulette Wheel
  • Mark VII Roulette Wheel Video
  • roulette wheel
  • Hand crafted roulette wheel
  • Roulette

Mark VII Roulette Wheel Key Features and Benefits

  • Bespoke manufacture available with custom illustrations and logos to suit you
  • Near indestructible Velstone™ Ball Track
  • Re-attachable Reader head for TCSJOHNHUXLEY e-FX ™ Display integration
  • Compatible with other TCSJOHNHUXLEY Products including Gaming Floor Live
  • Patented Starburst® separator ring allowing for more random spins
  • Master craftsmanship design and build
  • Available in an extensive range of colours and veneers
  • Fully customisable through our Roulette Wheel Configurator


Around the globe, TCSJOHNHUXLEY is recognised for the most reliably random and secure Roulette wheels available today. The Mark VII Roulette Wheel reflects this quality, demonstrating TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s over four decades of manufacturing expertise and craftsmanship.


With an extensive range of veneers and hand painted styles available to suit any casino style, the Mark VII is unlike any other wheel, allowing for customised illustrations and logos to fit any casino theme or brand. Operators may also choose between our standard gloss finish on the Mark VII wheel bowl or opt for the matt finish to avoid lighting glare, making it ideal for online or broadcast casino games.


The Mark VII Roulette Wheel is also available with either a standard or patented Starburst® separator ring. Having undergone stringent testing the Starburst® separator ring is statistically proven to be more random than any previous low-profile wheel.


Alongside stylish design and hand crafted manufacturing the Mark VII wheel integrates seamlessly with TCSJOHNHUXLEY e-FX Displays and security products by adding a reader head. Requiring no modification, the reader head can be easily removed and re-attached, allowing the wheel to be routinely rotated.


The Mark VII Roulette Wheel allows for total visibility with Roulette Wheel Analysis. As part of the GFL Optimisation module, wheel analysis offers a host of features and statistical tools giving casinos a complete overview of the wheels’ performance and provides full maintenance tracking analysis.

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