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Matsui Chips

Matsui Chips are regarded worldwide as a one of the most durable and secure casino gaming chips.
Matsui Casino Chips

Matsui Chips Key Features and Benefits

  • World Class Manufacturing
  • Security features including Serial numbers and UV markings
  • Secure e-Chip anti-theft system
  • Available with an extensive range of wheel checks, plaques etc.
  • Chips: 39/40mm, 43mm and 50mm
  • Wheelchecks: 39/40mm
  • Plaques: 58mm x 38mm to 151mm x 105mm
  • Jetons: 32mm to 60mm in diameter
  • Ovals: 58mm x 38mm to 151mm x 105mm
  • Customisable chip designs
  • 43 colours available, 14 glitter decal designs, Mirror silver or gold effect
  • Coin inlay design - available in silver or gold


The Matsui brand is synonymous worldwide with quality, durability and security. Sourcing only the best in gaming accessories, TCSJOHNHUXLEY is proud to offer Matsui’s extensive range of chips, wheelchecks, security value chips, plaques and jetons.


Customisable to your unique style, TCSJOHNHUXLEY can develop custom designs to incorporate your casino’s logo and theme. With a large range of sizes available including 39/40mm, 43mm and 50mm for chips as well as a range of 43 colour options, 14 glitter decal designs and a mirror silver or gold effect, the design possibilities are endless.


Matsui’s Secure e-Chip anti-theft system and MG Eye to authenticate all chips alongside visible and invisible UV markings and serial numbers, help to make this one of the most secure chips worldwide.

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