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Big 6/Money Wheel

TCSJOHNHUXLEY's Money Wheels will certainly add an eye-catching feature to your gaming floor with a range of custom wheel options to suit any casino.


Excite and entertain existing and new players alike with either a Traditional, LED or Mega Money Wheel. We have the widest range of Money Wheels to suit any gaming requirements for the land-based and online sectors. Our wheels are precision engineered and can be custom-made to suit your unique needs. Whether your preference is for a traditional wheel or a unique theme, our team will fulfil the brief.

LED Money Wheel

The LED Big 6/Money Wheel makes an outstanding feature on any gaming floor. Precision engineered and incorporating the latest illumination technology, the LED Big 6/Money Wheel provides eye-catching ‘attract modes’ with a flexible range of graphics to suit any theme.

Available in either fifty-two or fifty-four pin wheels, the LED Money Wheel is the perfect partner for the Blaze Big6/Money Wheel Gaming Table. 

The LED Big 6/Money Wheel has two stand options to suit any budget. Operators may choose the traditional wooden stand, which includes a built-in storage compartment, or they may opt for the modern metal stand, which can be retrofitted to include a built-in Winning Number Display on the back.


Popular in casinos worldwide, our Standard Money Wheels are beautifully manufactured with quality in mind and made to the highest of standards. Available with the option of 38, 52 or 54-pin wheels fitted to robust steel shafts, the Standard Money Wheel can be custom made to suit your unique needs and can also include a base with a lid for equipment storage.


Fancy a spin on a mega-sized spinning wheel? Available in 52 or 54 pin, the Mega Money Wheel brings a new level of excitement to the game of chance. See how to excite and entertain your players with the Money Wheel you literally cannot miss! Ideal for the online gaming environment the Mega Money Wheel can be made bespoke to customer requirements with a range of custom finishes and design.

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