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Multi Table Display

The Multi Table Display allows for multiple table statistics and results to be shown on a single screen


Multi Table Display incorporates dynamic high resolution graphics, statistics and game results from multiple tables that can be displayed on any size LCD Monitor anywhere in your venue.


Multi Table Displays are configured from a central User Interface that makes it quick and easy to keep your customer up to date with what’s happening on your tables, wherever they are in the casino.

The system enables real-time alteration, scheduling and configuration of display content from one central point. This not only prevents operators from having to manually change the content of each individual screen on their gaming floor, but also permits them to respond quickly to changing customer and casino needs. From immediately modifying table min/max’s to instantly displaying a message about the latest bar specials, operators can now alter display content quickly and easily in real-time.


By giving your players visibility of multiple tables statistics and results, they can ensure they never miss out on the action from their favourite games or Dealers.


A table closed screen will be displayed automatically when the server has not received a result from the wheel for 5 minutes. When re-activated, the Multi Table Display will go from table closed to displaying the winning numbers within 30 seconds of receiving a result.

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