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Introducing MultiBet, the patented system that fuses sports and lottery-style betting with table games.


A New Way to Play Live Games

Appealing to both new and existing players, MultiBet from Gaming Entertainment Systems, allows players to place sports and lottery-style bets on table games via a betting terminal issuing betting tickets. Once players receive a ticket, it’s either activated for virtual table games at the terminal, or at the gaming tables for live games.

Bets can be played over multiple consecutive games and players can track their progress on a display screen within a casino venue or even on their mobile devices by scanning a QR code.

Multi Bets, Multi Fun

MultiBet Roulette™ and MultiBet Baccarat™ are the first games to debut, which allows players to generate and control their stakes and odds by placing bets on their favourite numbers, high-low results and streaks over single or multiple consecutive games. Furthermore, players can make bets and play at a time of their choosing.

MultiBet is a unique system that brings a new dimension to live table games by offering players the opportunity to create exciting betting options. This extended choice of sports and lottery-style betting will appeal to a range of skill sets and players.

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