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Introducing Nutz, the fun and easy to play dice game where players aim for five of a kind in the first roll – or NUTZ IN ONE!



Nutz is a new, exciting and completely unique game which draws players to the table and creates high levels of energy and interaction. Developed by CLUB Gaming Pty Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Crown Resorts Ltd and exclusively distributed globally by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, Nutz is a tried and tested hit on the gaming floor.

A high energy suspense filled game, Nutz is simple to follow and easy to play. With various wagering options on the outcome of the shake of five dice there are multiple winning combinations including Nutz in One.


To take part in Nutz players must choose at least one of the seven wagers on offer, once bets are placed the game starts by the dealer offering a player to shake the five dice in the Dice Cup.

If the outcome of the first roll is a Full House, No Hand, Straight or Five of a Kind (Nutz) combination, the round is complete and bets are paid and taken accordingly.

If any of the dice form a Pair, Trips, Quads or Two Pair after the first shake, the matching dice will be retained and the unmatched dice will be shaken again. After the second shake, if any or all of the dice match each other or the retained dice, they will also be retained.

Following the third and final shake, the round of play is complete and the five dice form the player’s hand.

For more information including pay tables please download the Nutz How To Play Guide and Customer Information Sheet.

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