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Ora Curve

As the name suggests, Ora Curve Winning Number Display features sweeping lines that incorporate a range of striking LEDs that identify game results on its elegant curved frame.


Draw Attention to your Gaming Tables with Ora Curve

Ora Curve as the name suggests, features sweeping lines that incorporate a range of striking LEDs that clearly identify the last Baccarat game results on its elegant curved frame. Available in 27” and 32” landscape screen sizes with a variety of colours, there is no chance players will miss out on any of the action with these eye-catching displays.

Ora Curve features a range of striking LEDs that can display current and historical winning results. The LED segments are individually separated so that multiple results can be displayed on the LED bar at the same time.

High Impact Graphics

High impact graphics can also be configured through the Adaptive Modular Graphic System This allows a plethora of variable graphics and animations to be configured in numerous combinations allowing winning numbers, stats, advertising content and video to be displayed exactly how the operator requires.

Added Security with a built-in camera option

Ora Curve also has the option to incorporate an in-built camera to provide extra security at the table. Featuring all the benefits of Ora Curve the addition of the camera cut-out incorporates a security camera built into an attractive sweeping frame. This camera cut-out provides a stylish and aesthetically pleasing option, whilst providing peace of mind to operators.

Flexible and Easy to Control

Like all TCSJOHNHUXLEY Winning Number Displays, Ora Curve can be standalone where features are altered individually at the table, or networked to allow changes to be made from one central point to every display across the gaming floor.

Feature Standalone Networked Benefit
Suitable for Baccarat, Poker and Progressive games
LED strips for attraction, game status, trends, table minimums
Adaptive display screen graphics and multiple skin options
Striking LEDs across a curved frame that identify game results
Multiple language and currency options
Centrally controlled graphic content with media scheduling and streaming
Integrates with Table Game Performance
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Revenue
  • Reporting
  • Control

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