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Ora View

Combining high definition graphics with the addition of an integrated 7” display, Ora View Winning Number Display provides players with easy to read values that can be viewed across the floor.


Increase Visibility on Gaming Tables with Ora View

Suitable for Baccarat, Poker and Progressive games, Ora View combines high definition graphics on a 1080p FHD display with the addition of an integrated 7” screen.

Ora View Display has multiple language and currency options and is available in 27” and 32” landscape double-sided screens. The additional integrated small screen provides high impact, easy to read values that allow players to view them across the casino floor.

High Impact Graphics

High impact graphics can be configured through the Adaptive Modular Graphic System. This allows a plethora of variable graphics and animations to be configured in numerous combinations allowing winning numbers, stats, advertising content and video to be displayed exactly how the operator requires. With the choice of various languages, currency symbols and ticker tape messaging, the Ora View provides all the information your players will need.

Flexible and Easy to Control

Like all TCSJOHNHUXLEY Winning Number Displays, Ora View can be standalone where features are altered individually at the table, or networked to allow changes to be made from one central point to every display across the gaming floor.


Feature Standalone Networked Benefit
Suitable for Baccarat, Poker and Progressive games
Adaptive display screen graphics and multiple skin options
Automated attract sequences
Integrated 7” display provides high impact and easy to read values of table minimums and maximums
Centrally controlled graphic content with media scheduling and streaming
Integrates with Table Game Performance
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  • Productivity
  • Revenue
  • Reporting
  • Control

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