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Qorex Accessories

Qorex has a range of accessories that provide a choice of options for configurations including drink holders, cordless charging spots and multi colour LEDs.


Qorex has a range of accessories that provide various options for configurations through connector / player shelves as well as striking LED illuminated back panels that can be customised with your logo or design.

Ergonomically designed player shelves double as spacers in-between terminals and feature the same LED lighting to provide a seamless look. Further player features include cordless charging spots for mobile devices along with drink holders to prevent spillages.


  • Integrated drinks holder
  • Configurable multi-colour LEDs
  • Optional integrated wireless charger
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Allows for cable management between terminals
  • Allows Terminals to be put in a stadium configuration with the flexibility of being in a straight row or a curved layout as it is possible to position them up to 45 degrees to each other.