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Qorex HiLite Signage System

The Qorex HiLite Signage system is a modular system that is extremely flexible and can be used in a variety of different gaming configurations.


Qorex HiLite Signage System

Designed to complement the attractive Qorex cabinet, the Qorex HiLite System is a range of products featuring striking LED displays and podiums that are fully synchronised to the game.

Modular in design, the Qorex HiLite system illustrates just how flexible and eye-catching Qorex layout configurations can be achieved, enhancing the user experience whilst providing a stunning centre piece and attraction on the gaming floor.

HiLite Podium

The HiLite Podium complements the Qorex EGT integrating products such as the Saturn Auto Wheel and the innovative Giant Dice Shaker.

The integrated dome camera enables players to view the game results in real-time. Designed to be built-in or free-standing the HiLite Podium illustrates just how flexible the HiLite system can be, offering the flexibility to tailor to a casino’s requirements. Custom designed LED panels can be added to the HiLite Podium to incorporate a casino’s branding and LED panels can be set to various colours.

Key Features

  • Integrated LED illuminated side panel and LED illumination to Orbit housing
  • Integrated game stand
  • Secure integrated 6U server rack with the ability to mount power distribution, media player and servers
  • Connects to the centralised system for full synchronisation in real-time

HiLite Orbit Sign

For added impact, the circular Orbit LED attract ring is integrated to the HiLite Podium encircling a Roulette Wheel or Giant Dice Shaker. This stunning high intensity sign is fully synchronised to the game, displaying game state information, number trends and winning results right in front of players.

Key Features

  • Circular LED display
  • Connects to the centralised system for full synchronisation in real-time

HiLite Column

The HiLite Column provides the ‘anchor’ for all the various system components and comprises of a steel stand that is either floor standing (for use with table games, or pit signage) or secured to the HiLite Podium. LED displays provide historical winning numbers, game states and number trends. There is also the option of using the column along with a Luna Display on live tables.

Key Features

  • Integrated LED panels on each four sides of the stand
  • Pivoting top section to ease installation of Luna display
  • Easily integrates into the HiLite Podium
  • Option to integrate to a live table
  • Connects to the the centralised system for full synchronisation

HiLite Luna Sign

The circular overhead signage incorporates high intensity LED’s that provide vibrant and eye-catching animated game information as well as attract modes, allowing players to clearly see the Qorex area and stages of the game, right across the gaming floor. Flexible in design, the HiLite Luna sign incorporates dimmable LED lighting and a camera.

Key Features

  • Integrated LED edges and dimmable LED diffuser
  • Integrated dome camera
  • Connects to the the centralised system for full synchronisation


New ergonomically designed player shelves double as spacers in-between terminals and feature the same LED lighting to provide a seamless look. Further player features include wireless charging points for mobile devices along with drink holders to prevent spillages. For more information click here.

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