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Qorex Electronic Gaming Solutions combines the experience of live gaming whilst delivering all the benefits of electronic gaming, maximising performance and profitability on your gaming floor.


Introducing Qorex, the electronic gaming terminal from TCSJOHNHUXLEY that features unrivalled configuration and customisation options to suit your casinos size and style, while offering an easy to navigate user interface.


Qorex has an ergonomically designed cabinet featuring a widescreen HD display, providing an eye-catching addition to any gaming floor. With a modular design, Qorex terminals can be configured to your casinos requirements, from as little as one electronic terminal to large scale stadium arrangements. For further flexibility, Qorex is SAS compliant for a wide range of player tracking and loyalty systems.


Swapping between games has never been easier thanks to Qorex’s consistent user interface. With the touch of the screen players can select from various live or virtual Roulette, Sicbo and Baccarat games, all with the same intuitive user interface: this keeps navigation simple, enables ease of play from game to game and transitions players easily from terminals to tablets.


Feature Standalone Networked Benefit
Enables remote live casino table play
Multiple game selection options
Increases the number of player positions
Maximise dealer resources
Monitor, evaluate and access data in real-time
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Revenue
  • Reporting
  • Control

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