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Qorex Terminal

Qorex electronic gaming terminal features unrivalled configuration and customisation options to suit your casinos size and style, whilst offering an easy to navigate user interface.



The Qorex terminal has an ergonomically designed cabinet featuring a widescreen 23” or 27” HD display, providing an eye-catching addition to any gaming floor. With its modular design, Qorex terminals can be networked and configured anywhere on the gaming floor, from as little as one electronic terminal to innovative carousel arrangements and large-scale stadium set ups.

LED’s can also be used to denote the price of play or customised to a casino’s colour scheme. There are also multiple programmed attraction settings to choose from.


Swapping between games has never been easier thanks to Qorex’s intuitive user interface. With the touch of the screen players can select from various live or virtual Roulette, Sicbo and Baccarat games, all within the same interface. This keeps navigation simple and enables ease of play from game to game.

These games can be linked with live camera feeds of dealer-assisted games from around the gaming floor, as well as automated RNG options.


Stunning high definition graphics provide players with simple yet easy to read prompts and game information, with many useful features such as Repeat Bet, Double Bet and Remove All Bets / Last Bet.

A live feed camera display allows the player to see the wheel and its result as it happens, with the ability to drag the image anywhere across the screen so it does not obscure betting.

For added player privacy, there is the option to hide bet values, as well as Credit and Wins, all at the touch of a button. Players can also view a wide range of game statistics and trends at any stage.


Qorex Terminals can be used in-conjunction with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheels (Mark VII, Saturn, Saturn Auto) and Dice Shakers. The terminal can also be used with 3rd Party Roulette Wheels and Card Shoes meaning existing equipment can be used without having to invest in new additional equipment.

A wide variety of Player Tracking Systems, SAS Systems and Note and Ticket Printers can be incorporated offering flexibility for operators who have mixed estates.


New ergonomically designed player shelves double as spacers in-between terminals and feature the same LED lighting to provide a seamless look. Further player features include wireless charging spots for mobile devices along with drink holders to prevent spillages. The full range can be seen on the Qorex Accessories page.


  • 23” or 27” HD capacitive touchscreen displays
  • Configurable multi-colour LEDs
  • Easily configurable for various bill validators
  • Easily configurable for various ticket printers
  • Ergonomic arm rest
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Option for integrated USB charging points, LED rear panels and drinks shelf

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