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Roulette Blaze Gaming Table

Light up your casino gaming floor and bring the game of Roulette to life with TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s new Blaze LED Surface Technology for Roulette.
  • Blaze for Roulette
  • Animated gaming table
  • LED casino table
  • Blaze for casinos
  • Blaze for Roulette
  • Animated gaming table
  • LED casino table
  • Blaze for casinos

Roulette Blaze Gaming Table Key Features and Benefits

  • Automatically displays eye catching animations
  • Highlights winning bets for security and to assist players
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Assists with Dealer accuracy
  • Excites and entertains players
  • A unique product to TCSJOHNHUXLEY
  • Low maintenance, long-life LEDs
  • LCD touchscreen Dealer console
  • Easy to operate; little training required
  • Compatible with the TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheel and e-FX™ display ranges.
  • Integrates with GFL Optimisation & GFL Media


Blaze for Roulette takes roulette tables to the next level, with an LED lightbox beneath the gaming surface which allows you to display eye catching animations, game state prompts and winning numbers. TCSJOHNHUXLEY holds the global patent for displaying animations on the gaming surface making Blaze one of a kind.


Designed to both entertain and inform customers during games, Blaze’s illuminated animations also assist with dealing accuracy which makes it easier for dealers to remain focused on providing the best possible player experience. The highlighted winning numbers and light sequences on the betting area also confirm the stage of the game making it easy for dealers and security staff to monitor play.


Unlike traditional illuminated tables – which consist of a light box with individual light bulbs that require regular replacement – Blaze LED Surface Technology is energy efficient and offers thousands of hours operating life. This means that game play is uninterrupted and regular maintenance is limited.


Blaze and the Saturn™ Glo Roulette Wheel make a winning combination, lighting up your gaming floor with their automated and synchronised colour changes which clearly indicate attract mode, ‘Place Your Bets’, ‘No More Bets’ and specific winning numbers. Blaze is compatible with the entire TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheel and e-FX™ display ranges.

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