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Roulette Xtra

Roulette Xtra is an exciting new game offered exclusively from TCSJOHNHUXLEY that combines the traditional game of Roulette with a thrilling random multiplier bet.


Xtra fun, Xtra excitement, Xtra pay outs

Add another level of excitement to your live table games with Roulette Xtra, exclusively from TCSJOHNHUXLEY. Quick and easy to understand, Roulette Xtra combines the traditional game of Roulette with a thrilling random multiplier bet, with a maximum payout of 500 to 1 available.

Players will place their bets their bets as normal and once the ball is spun and “No More Bets” is called, the game randomly selects four (4) Roulette Xtra numbers along with random multiplier amounts ranging between 50 to 1 and 500 to 1. The multipliers are allocated to each Roulette Xtra number and displayed on the winning number display. The winning Roulette Xtra number and combinations are determined by the result of where the ball lands on the Roulette wheel.


The game has been further developed to now incorporate Blaze patented LED surface technology, that displays unique ‘attract sequences’ and custom-themed animations, while also highlighting the Roulette Xtra multiplier bets and winning numbers.


  • Chance to win big payouts
  • Builds thrills and excitement
  • Four Random Roulette Xtra numbers selected each game
  • Random Multiplier pays out up to 500 to 1
  • Option to vary Pay Tables
  • Does not interfere with the traditional game


Roulette Xtra is simple and easy to play, appealing to all enthusiasts of the traditional Roulette game. For more information download the How To Play below or get in touch to speak to our team. 

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