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Saturn™ Auto Roulette Wheel

The Saturn™ Auto Roulette Wheel is the world’s first and only compact, table top, automated roulette wheel.
  • Automatic Roulette Wheel
  • Auto Roulette Wheel
  • Saturn Auto Roulette Wheel Introduction
  • Automatic Roulette Wheel
  • Auto Roulette Wheel
  • Saturn Auto Roulette Wheel Introduction

Saturn™ Auto Roulette Wheel Key Features and Benefits

  • Same footprint as a traditional Roulette Wheel
  • Three distinct flexible operation modes – fully automatic, automatic & semi-automatic
  • Supports low staffing levels by connecting to Electronic Gaming Terminals
  • Opens up fully cashless gaming opportunities
  • Patented ball launch increases game randomness
  • Three discreet embedded sensors to detect winning numbers
  • Eye-catching LED Technology
  • Safe and secure 24-hour operation
  • All the Benefits of the Saturn™ Roulette Wheel
  • Master craftsmanship design and build
  • Compatible with other TCSJOHNHUXLEY Products including Gaming Floor Live
  • Available in extensive range of colours and veneers


As the world’s only compact, table top, automated Roulette wheel, the Saturn™ Auto Wheel is the perfect automated solution for any casino. It’s distinctive compact design means the Saturn™ Auto Roulette Wheel can sit on existing tables, integrate into furniture or be displayed on a bespoke, stand-alone podium providing flexibility, while still staying secure and reliable.


Including all the benefits of the Saturn™ Roulette Wheel, the Saturn™ Auto Wheel features a unique patented launch system, firing the ball out with a spin to increase the randomness of the outcome. With three operation modes, Full-Automatic (System Driven), Automatic and Semi-Automatic, the Saturn™ Auto is a versatile Roulette wheel, perfect for all casino environments.


The Full-Automatic setting allows for connected devices such as Qorex Electronic Gaming Terminals or third-party EGT’s to control when the spin is started, while the Automatic setting configures the set number of spins per hour. Finally, the Semi-Automatic setting allows for dealer interaction through a dedicated ball ‘fire’ button.


In addition, the Saturn™ Auto Roulette Wheel offers full compatibility with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY products including Gaming Floor Live, allowing for total management and control of the gaming floor.

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