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Saturn™ Roulette Wheel

The Saturn™ Roulette Wheel fuses quality craftsmanship with advanced innovation, providing operators with the most secure and technically advanced Roulette Wheel in gaming today.


Alongside the style and craftsmanship found in all TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheels, the Saturn™ Roulette Wheel also boasts several in-built security features which make it the most technically advanced wheel available worldwide.


All Saturn™ Roulette Wheels incorporate three discreet in-built reading sensors discreetly embedded in the rim for a range of wheel diagnostics and reports to be easily obtained, in addition to fast and accurate detection of winning numbers.

The Saturn™ Wheel range also features patented Drop Zone Detection highlighting non-random results and drop zone bias, that can be caused by inaccurate balancing, table movement or fraudulent manipulation and the Saturn™ Data Logger stores up to six years’ worth of wheel events.

Other real-time security enhancements include abnormal event detection e.g. sudden change of ball or rotor speed and inclinometer (optional). Inclinometer alleviates the need for daily levelling of wheels by maintenance staff and allows dealers to check a wheel’s integrity at the start of a shift.


All TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheels receive over 130 quality control checks and extensive testing at every stage of the manufacturing process, with the final checks undertaken using patented laser measuring technology before the wheel leaves the factory.

Testing and analysis of every TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette Wheel demonstrates statistical randomness to the tightest and strictest standards, giving players and operators confidence and peace of mind that they have a fair and unbiased product


Manufactured with a near indestructible Velstone™ ball track to stop wear and tear, the Saturn™ Roulette Wheel is available in a full range of colours and veneers, with either a standard or patented Starburst® separator ring. In addition, you can create your own bespoke Roulette Wheel from the turret down to the wheel bowl with a range of colours, custom designs and finishes.

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Feature Standalone Networked Benefit
Built in sensors for fast and accurate number detection
Near indestructible Velstone ball track to reduce wear & tear
Traditional or Starburst separator
Wheel Bias reporting
Inclinometer (Optional)
Wheel Analysis
  • *
  • *
Drop Zone Detection
  • *
  • *
Spins / Games per hr reporting
  • *
  • *
Open interface allows easy integration to other products
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Revenue
  • Reporting
  • Control

**Standalone Drop Zone Detection and Spins / Games per hr provide historical reporting. Networked Drop Zone Detection provides real-time reporting.

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