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Sicbo Blaze Gaming Table

It’s Sicbo, only better! TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Blaze for Sicbo is a new approach that brings added excitement to the already popular game.


Blaze LED Surface Technology for Sicbo brings a new and exciting visual element to the popular game of Sicbo which is sure to excite and entertain players. Using the latest LED Surface Technology, Blaze brings stunning game animations to life through the gaming layout, making tables stand out on the gaming floor and exciting new and old players alike.


Alongside the added visual excitement for players Sicbo Blaze also offers heightened game security, signalling dealers and pit bosses to game status and winning numbers with highlighted prompts.


Sicbo Blaze benefits from a fully integrated TCSJOHNHUXLEY Dice Shaker as part of the electronics, giving integrity to the game sequence whilst protecting against the possibility of a non-shake or double shake of the dice.

Sicbo Blaze is also fully compatible with TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s e-FX™ display range. Integrating the two technologies means that information such as previous dice results, big or small options and odd or even betting options are easy for players to see.


The Blaze LED Surface Technology is energy efficient and offers much longer operating life compared with traditional illuminated tables, which consist of a light box and individual lights requiring regular replacement. Comparatively, Blaze uses a single LED surface under the layout meaning that game play is uninterrupted and regular maintenance is limited.

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